Selling Your Home? Follow These 10 Top Tips

Selling Your Home

Making plans to place your house on the market? If you are drafting your to-do list, the activities may seem endless yet necessary for success. Cleaning and handling repairs are just but the tip of the iceberg. Maintaining organisation and completing these pre-sale tasks is effortful.

Useful Tips for Selling Your Home

1. Deep Clean Everything

Any real estate agent will highly advise enlisting your home after a thorough and sparkling clean. Go the extra mile, turning everything upside down, from the cabinets and drawers to the walls and ceilings, without forgetting the outdoor areas.

2. Tidy Up Your Lawn

The first impression is undoubtedly the lasting one, and you can’t undermine the power of your front yard on prospective buyers. An unkempt lawn is often a red flag. Therefore, trim the hedges, grass, and trees before the first inspection. Dead plants and outdated garden furniture are also not good for business.

3. Repair Broken Items

Over time, floorboards, fixtures, and other items go through wear and tear. Look out for broken or damaged spots and schedule repairs before opening your doors to prospective buyers. While its looks like no big deal, it can deter buyers.

4. Choose The Right Realtor

Professional input can go a long way during any home sale. Always opt for a highly experienced realtor who sells homes in your area and within your price range. They help set the right and reasonable asking price and understand the needs of local buyers.

5. Market Your Property Effectively

Realtors handle the marketing part of the sale, starting with a bright, effortless-to-read sign outside the property for advertisement purposes. The better if they can post on social media and other marketing channels.

6. Create a Multi-Sensory Experience

Ensuring that every aspect of the property is appealing is not a choice if you wish to get the most out of the sale. It should be more than what meets the eye; it should smell great too. Find a middle ground between a pleasant smell that’s equally not overpowering. Even light sound effects that match your home’s energy are recommended.

7. Choose the Right Furniture

It’s no secret that furniture takes centre stage in any home. Items that are in good condition, suit your space, and generally achieve your wanted vibe are the best. In many cases, sellers work with property styling companies to identify and arrange the furniture that is most appealing to buyers.

8. Add Charming Accent Pieces

Every home needs a personality, from the right choice of artwork, décor, and accessories. Striking a bargain between what you and a potential buyer find attractive can be tricky. So, working with a property stylist can be helpful.

9. Remove Personal Items

Keep in mind that as you prepare your home for sale, you are trying to help buyers envision their lives in that space. Keeping personal items like photos and mementos can discourage buyers from buying the property.

10.  Incorporate Fresh Plants and Flowers

A sense of life and an inviting feel to your home are pluses. The good thing is that Mother Nature has many options for you with a wide array of fresh plants and flowers. Mix fresh foliage for a popping green among your furniture and interior décor.


Coming to terms with the idea of selling your home is not easy. And after that, a lot awaits you to put your home in the best condition possible for sale. Considering help from professionals is the best. Working with a good realtor and property stylist is a good investment.

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