Replacing Parts Of Your Truck Doesn’t Have To Cost You An Arm And A Leg

Replacing Parts of Your Truck Doesn't Have to Cost You an Arm and Leg

My truck is my livelihood. It’s how I make my living. And I’m darn proud of it. While once I worked for others in their trucks, owning my truck has allowed me the freedom to work as an independent operation in any jobs that I please. I take pride in keeping my truck in good nick, too. I can’t have it going and breaking down on me all the time – otherwise; I’ll be out of a job until it’s fixed.

When I first owned a truck, I made sure that I was only ever replacing parts that needed replacement with manufacturer parts. I thought that it was a good idea because they are the best of the best, right? If I bought real manufacturer parts, I assumed that I was going to get the best quality available. I thought that that was going to be my best option at all times. However, the cost of true manufacturer parts was adding up. Those babies aren’t cheap, that’s for sure! Real Mercedes parts are, as you can imagine, quite a bit of cash to fork over every time.

Replacing Parts of Your Truck Doesn't Have to Cost You an Arm and a Leg

I was chatting to one of my mates in the industry, Dan, one day about using real parts. I was having a bit of a grumble about the cost. Now, Dan’s been in the game a little longer than I have, and I kind of look up to him a little bit. Dan knows his stuff. So Dan did a bit of a double take at what I said. “Yeah, that stuff costs an arm and a leg, mate. You really need to get onto aftermarket truck parts. They can save you a heap of coin.”

Dan went on to tell me all about aftermarket truck parts. While some of them definitely aren’t great quality, he said that if you went to a reputable business, and chose a good brand, that the parts were on par with the original manufacturer’s parts. And that they cost a lot less, too. He said then the main cost issue isn’t going to be with the parts themselves but with the truck mechanic that you’re using.

So, let me tell you, I was sold. The next time I needed a part I chose this Aussie business that does aftermarket truck parts that he recommended to me. It was a place that he usually used for all his new parts for his truck. I placed my order, went to the mechanic with it, and what do you know – of course, the price ended up being a whole heap less than if I had have chosen to go with my regular old Mercedes parts. I was stoked!

The parts that I’ve got as aftermarket truck parts and accessories have been just as successful from what I’d expect from the original manufacturer. I literally can’t tell the difference. They aren’t causing me any problems like I had been afraid of in the beginning. They are mint.

That’s why I’m passing along the advice. If you own a truck or lots of trucks, then aftermarket parts are the way to go when it comes to maintenance. The savings that you can make can stack up. I’ve saved hundreds if not thousands of going with aftermarket parts – it is the best way to go for savings. And the parts are still quality – so long as you choose a good provider and manufacturer. Many of them have extended warranties so you can be extra sure your parts are going to last the distance, and they do. So jump on board if you want to save on your truck!

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