Why The Regency Gas Fireplaces Are So Popular?


The history of fireplaces dates back to the 15th century. Early European civilisation incorporated fireplaces into their residential home designs. This was probably due to the cold seasons that forced architects to develop ingenious heating options. Traditional fireplaces used wood fuel but they were inefficient. It would take a lot of wood to heat up a small living area. On the plus side, the winter was no longer as cold as it used to be.  Unfortunately, the heat came with a lot of smoke that was often unbearable. It was hard to choose between choking in the smoke and freezing in the cold. The industrial revolution saw the development of new sophisticated machinery and the improvement of traditional ones. The fireplace was not left behind.


The first step in the development of the modern fireplace was to deal with the smoke. Numerous chimney designs were adopted and soon the fireplace became more than just a heating solution. It was now a house fitting that held incredible aesthetic power. The fireplaces became more compact and more efficient as years passed. Soon, there was a need for alternative sources of fuel. This is how gas fireplaces came to be. Gas fireplaces are a contemporary heating option that come with numerous advantages. For starters, they are smoke-free and highly efficient. Moreover, gas fireplaces are simple to control. The cherry on the cake is that gas fireplaces are sleek and look stunning. Regency fireplaces are one of the best fireplaces in the market. Here is why:


The Regency gas fireplaces have sleek designs that are breathtaking. They add a modern expression to any living space and their build is attractive. Regency gas fireplaces come in different shapes and sizes. The designers have consistently out-performed themselves. They have succeeded to merge traditional fireplace designs with modern looks. The result is exquisite linear gas fireplaces that are second to none. Regency gas fireplaces have large glass panels that allow you to not only feel the heat but also enjoy the view of the flames. These fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home and they blend seamlessly with any indoor living space.






The name Regency has become synonymous with efficiency. They offer quality fireplaces that not only give heat but burn efficiently. Unlike traditional fireplaces, the Regency GF900 has a good heat distribution. The fireplace has a 3-speed fan that ensures the heat reaches far and wide. Additionally, the fireplace has a good output on low fuel. The heat you get is not only intense but also clean. If you wish to adjust the output, the Regency GF900 has a few tricks up its sleeves. You can remotely adjust the intensity of the fireplace. Therefore, if you have already warmed up your seat there is no need to get up to go adjust the fireplace.


Cost is always a big factor to consider when it comes to fireplaces. The cost of installing a fireplace depends on the intricacies of the heater. Traditional wood heaters required a chimney to expel the smoke. This came with an additional installation cost. Modern fireplaces are compact and some even come as freestanding heaters. The Regency GF900 is an inbuilt fireplace that is rather inexpensive. The installation process is simple and the cost is equally handsome. This linear gas fireplace does not require a complicated ventilation system. It runs a direct vent room technology system that is only unique to Regency products. If you want a classy fireplace at an affordable price, the Regency GF900 is your best bet.


One of the main reasons the Regency gas fireplaces have gained popularity is their optional features. These features add personality to the fireplaces and give them that final touch that sets them apart from other heating options. You can have a clean edge finish to your build with an inner door frame. For the fascia, you can try out brushed stainless steel or a glass fascia. Moreover, you can have stainless steel reflective side inserts for your inner panels or enamel black reflective panels. The AstroCap Flex venting system is an extra feature worth having on your Regency fireplace. These additional fittings make Regency fireplaces unique and desirable.


Regency gas fireplaces have all the advantages of gas fireplaces. They are efficient, sleek, compact and eco-friendly. The only difference is that the team behind Regency fireplaces is committed to making quality fireplaces. The designers of the Regency GF900 have employed cutting-edge technology to make certain the product is second to none. In the market, Regency fireplaces hold the title of best linear gas fireplaces and this is not by luck. The popularity of the Regency is still on the rise.  Don’t get left behind, join the trend.


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