Reasons Why Some of Us Despise Public Transport

Is there anybody out there who loves public transport? Give us a quick shout! No? Deafening silence? Well, I can’t exactly say that I’m surprised. The one (and only if you ask me) benefit of public transport is that you can sit there and switch off, nod off, or read the news on your phone for a little while. However! The drawbacks of catching public transport far outweigh the benefits in my eyes. Want to know why I despise public transport? Here’s why… See how many you’ve encountered…

1. You’ve missed a flight

Catching the bus to the airport one day and – horror of horrors – the bus itself breaks down. Fixed 45 minutes later but by the time I get to the airport my gate has closed and I’ve missed my flight. Never again. Now I always park at the airport to fly and pick my car up again afterwards.

2. You’ve been caught in a huge storm

Standing at a train station one day – one of those ones without the shelters – and of course there is a massive (and I mean massive) downpour. And of course, I’ve forgotten to bring my brolly today. The weather wins this round as I’m soaked to the bone when I manage to finally jump on the train.

3. Running for PT only to have it take off without you

I never run. Well, actually, there is one time I run – for the bus. And half the time? They take off without you anyway. I always like to think of the bus driver cackling in the rearview mirror as they leave you in the dust. I’m sure they don’t actually see you, but that’s how I imagine it anyway.

4. It smells

Oh lordy. There are sometimes when you hop on a bus, train, tram, or whatever and this smell just hits you. It might be coming from your neighbour with personal hygiene issues, that lady eating her tuna snack in the corner, or it might be the dog poo that someone trod on board. Just pray that you’ve only got a few stops ahead of you.

5. There are scary people on it

If you catch public transport regularly, you will have encountered your share of scary people you’ve had to share your ride with. Crazy people screaming, young people up to no good, those visibly affected by drugs or alcohol, and those who are starting to get violent. Do you get off or stay onboard? That is the question.

6. There are annoying people on it

Much like there’s scary people on board, there’s also annoying people, too. How about that receptionist loudly on the phone with her best friend for half an hour? That person who thinks it’s cool to blast their music on speakerphone out of their phone? That overly affectionate couple who are making you gag with their PDAs?

7. You never get a seat

If you catch PT during peak hour at one of the middle stops then you should just resign yourself to the fact that you will never get a seat. Even if your journey is an hour long, nope, you don’t get to relax at all. Hold on to the hanger and try not to fall over on turns.

8. It’s so much slower than driving

Taking your car versus taking public transport? Almost always quicker. Plus you get to relax in your own little space play your own music, and not worry about anything else except for the road. While it might not be as cost effective sometimes, it always wins to drive your own car – hands down.

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