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Around the world, garages are built for cars, bicycles, boats, and even surfboards. Most of the time the garage ends up as a depository for junk and clutter, while the vehicle itself remains ‘homeless’ in the driveway. So you could Marie Kondo your ‘storage locker’ to make room for your wheels … or you could install a new storage area altogether.

This may seem a little extreme, and it certainly sounds like a lot of work. But here at Col Western, our sheds can be put up in less than a day. With the right weather, you’ll be done in a few hours, and if you have a good power drill. All our products are DIY-friendly, so you can even do the installation yourself, but we do have a team available if you’d like us to put it up for you.

Build yourself an outdoor garage

Our sheds are made of PVC, and we have a wide variety available. Each shed has its own designated function. Our small garden sheds are very popular. You can use them for landscaping tools, workspace, studios, or home offices. We also have specialised sheds for pets. Our bird aviaries and dog kennels have wire and steel spaces for exercise and ventilation. But for your wheels, in particular, we have carports and awnings in a variety of colours.

We don’t get a lot of rain, but most of us live less than 100km from a beach – whether it’s an ocean on an inland lake. That means the majority of Aussie residents experience humid weather, and that can be hell on your car. It also means those who live closest to the beach might need space for a boat – and even the biggest garage will have trouble squeezing a catamaran between its walls. Plus, lots of homes own two or more cars, but we don’t all have size-able garages.

Alfresco parking

Our awnings are shaded extensions of existing buildings, so it stretches into an overhang. Awnings come as a flat-pack with everything you need – PVC roofing sheets and supporting posts. Your awning can be in deluxe or standard hues, and you can order customised dimensions. You can also fit skylights on your awnings, so even if it’s not a parking spot for boats and cars, it can offer additional entertainment space on sunny days.

Like awnings, our carports have no walls or doors – just a roof and posts. The free flow of air can minimise humidity damage on your vehicle, and also makes it easier to maneuver during wash day. Our carports are stand-alone units, so you can order it with 4 to 8 posts, depending on your size preference. Also, all our shed packs include gutters and downpipes to harvest rain. Some of our models have an optional colour reversal for enhanced aesthetics.

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