How to Pick The Right Outdoor Play Module for Your Kids

ow to pick the right ouutdoor play module for your kids

The loudest indicator of changing seasons is the weather. When the temperature starts rising, the biting cold begins to clear away, and the drizzles wind down, Spring is in the air. If you missed the weather change, the blooming and blossoming of flowers and plants and the wild array of brilliantly vivid colours alerts you to the fact that soon, the children will be home from school, and friends will be home for Christmas.

So how do you plan to keep those energetic little ones occupied? Trips to the park or beach are all good, but now you can bring the park close to home. With the right playset, you can turn your backyard into a kiddies’ paradise. And since they are literally in your backyard, they can play all day and night if they wish. No more sunset curfews.

With the home playset, the safety of your kids is improved. The number of strangers they will come across is reduced to almost zero. If they don’t have to interact with any strangers, their security is instantly enhanced. With over 700 children abducted each day from local playgrounds, having yours in your backyard is more than good news. It is the very description of Peace of Mind.

Safety concerns

Good playsets are built with children in mind. They maintain the highest standards of safety and adhere to all health and environmental regulations.  218,851 playground injuries are treated in the ER each year. They are caused by playground hazards, low supervision, and equipment that isn’t appropriate for the child’s age.

Falls are the most common cause of injury. To ensure safety when building your playset, keep the ground covered. Use materials that reduce slippage and similar accidents. The covering should also provide a cushion from falls, offering some comfort and shock absorption. Suitable materials include bark, rubberized mulch, play sand, or pea gravel.

The playset itself needs to be sturdy and strong. Many injuries are caused by children falling off equipment, but sometimes, the equipment itself collapses. They might break, tip over, or their components may come apart. This kind of damage can be caused by poor design or assembly. Buy a product that is top-of-the-range, with a design that is up-to-date and thoroughly safety tested to prevent tip-overs and breakage.

Sometimes, accidents happen because too many children are using equipment at the same time. When you’re deciding which playset to buy, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for age, height, weight, as well as the number of children it can contain per play session. Buy one that can safely keep all your children occupied.

Some playsets come in DIY kits while others need to be professionally installed. Pick one that suits your ability. If you’re going to set it up yourself, check that it has clear instructions and all the necessary tools, to avoid additional expense.

Once the set has been assembled, it is ready to go. The children can play on it with minimal supervision. You can do your chores and activities as the children enjoy their playset. The only word of caution is if you are not ready to be the most beloved backyard in the neighbourhood, start practising, because this playset will pull all the neighbourhood children over like the pied piper.

Clean-up and maintenance

There will be many moving parts when the playset is up and running. For the metallic portions of the set, oiling and lubrication are important to ensure friction does not corrode the bolts and metal. Buy a set with wooden parts that are sanded and varnished to get rid of sharp edges. After years of active use, you may need to frequently inspect the playset for splinters and repair the wood accordingly.

The wide array of playsets available on the market can get overwhelming. Start your process by checking the age bracket. Younger kids need simpler units, while teens require something much more elaborate, so this narrows your scope considerably. Next, think about your child’s personality and preferences.

Would they rather zoom down a slide, or sit on a swing and read a book? Do they like boats or jungles? Would they rather climb things or explore their imagination? Pick a set that appeals to their individual taste, or a multiplay set that can cater for all your kids and their different playing styles. This is essential to prevent siblings from feeling left out.

Your space is another qualifying factor. Playset designs range from simple to elaborate, and they all have space requirements. The other obvious factor is your budget. You could also ask friends for testimonials. If your child likes a particular aspect of the playset at school, ask the teacher or school administration for referrals so you can buy something similar.

This summer do not let your children get bored. And don’t wear yourself out keeping them entertained. Get a outdoor playground equipment so you can all make the best of the Christmas holidays. Happy Summer!

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