How to Pick a Healthy Pizza Option

healthy pizza option

Whether you’re looking to make a few lifestyle adjustments, or just want to turn your favourite takeaway treat into a meal brimming with flavour, there are plenty of ways that you can upgrade your pizza without downgrading your satisfaction.

So how can you turn your pizza into a healthier treat?


Choose A Healthy Pizza Option

Explore the full colour of the rainbow

One of the easiest ways to amp-up the nutritional value of your takeaway pizza is to choose menu items that are packed with colourful and seasonal vegetables and salads.
The Superveg is one of the most colourful featuring eggplant, zucchini, olives, roast capsicum, spanish onion and a rich tomato base – toppings that are filling and nutritious.
Another menu item worthy of exploring is the Pumpkin Patch pizza; this combines sumptuous cherry tomatoes with a pumpkin sauce base, capsicums and spanish onions.


Introduce some lean proteins

Protein is a must-have for creating a delicious, filling and nutritious meal. Protein is an excellent source of energy, working to support tissue growth and repair.
Our Premium Seafood pizza contains gorgeous calamari, scallops and prawns – all lean proteins – to create a nutritionally packed meal.

If seafood isn’t your thing, the Pesto Chicken pizza combines fresh chicken with a rich pesto sauce for a tasty and trimming option.


Half-and-half it up

If you absolutely love your traditional pizza, and can’t bear to imagine losing out on your favourite cheesy flavours, why not consider a half and half recipe with add-ons?

Many customers are choosing to split their favourite pizza using a base secondary recipe to build the ultimate feast. Just imagine, Beef Burger pizza on one side paired with a margherita topped with eggplant, baby spinach and cherry tomatoes.


Add in healthy sides

Another easy way to make your pizza meal healthier is to complement your dish with a fresh side dish.

A crunchy, juicy salad filled with leafy greens, cucumber, tomato, olives and even capsicum can help make you feel fuller without sacrificing the deliciousness of your favourite treat.

Don’t be afraid to explore a range of salad dishes that can be whipped up in minutes and tossed into a shared bowl for the whole family.


Go for full-on flavour

Many health professionals agree that one factor that contributes to overeating during a meal is the perceived lack of flavour some treats offer.

Adding a blast of flavour, like the chillies and spices used in our Peri-Peri Chicken pizza, often encourages slower and more conscientious eating. This ‘flavour riot’ allows the brain to better register mouthfuls, so this approach can help with managing a healthier appetite.

But don’t think your meal has to be loaded with hot spices for the same effect; anything that offers layers of flavours – like heaps of veggies – can help!


Avoid a few key additions

While it’s always commendable to add some healthy toppings to pizzas to diversify the flavour and nutrition, don’t be tempted to add any unnecessary ingredients purely for the pleasure factor.

Adding that extra cheese, oil-based sauce and meat (like ham or salami) may seem like a good idea at the time, but you’ll be undoing any good work you’ve already put in!


Size matters

A simple and non-painful way to practically half your caloric intake is to half the volume of treat meals you have.

Instead of ordering large pizzas, which can tempt you to binge-eat the whole lot in one sitting, consider a medium or small sized pizza with a healthy side.

If you have the self-discipline, portioning out your pizza so you can have a yummy cold treat the following day is another way to spread out your enjoyment without stretching your waistline.


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