Why a Park & Fly Airport Service can be Your Best Bet

Park N Fly


There is really not a whole lot more frustrating and confusing than airport parking lots. If you’re able to find a parking spot at all, where your car will actually fit, then you have to set out on a several hour long trek across country just to make it to the doors of the terminal.

This is to say, if you make it to the airport’s doors at all, without being mugged, assaulted, killed or even worse (well I guess I don’t know what could be worse than being killed but you get the idea).

Yes, parking at the airport can be a miserable experience. Sure you could ask your mum and dad to drop you off at the front doors of the terminal. However, you know if you do that they will most likely wind up so turned around and lost that you can expect them to keep circling the parking lot, looking for an exit until your return flight arrives back at the airport. At least they will be there to pick you up I guess.

If you do much traveling by plane, you know I’m only exaggerating a little. But, there is a better way. Park and Fly is a service that has been around for a while with everyone improving upon the original idea to fine tune the service and add their own spin to make the original idea a little better.


The Original Concept

The original park and fly concept is a shuttle that runs from the parking lot to the airport doors. If you’ve ever been to an airport, which I assume is the case since you’re reading an article about an airport parking lot service, then you know how far back into the lot you usually have to park your vehicle.

At least in my case, it doesn’t usually matter when I go to the airport, I can expect to park at in the very back of the lot. And, most likely, I park my car when it’s dark out. So, to paint an accurate picture for you, no matter when I go to an airport it’s usually all the worst case scenarios.

I park my car at the very back of a dark, deserted and extremely spooky airport parking lot just about every time I go to the airport, so I use park and fly services quite often and love it.


Tons of Luggage

I think this service was one of the greatest ideas since sliced bread. Another reason I love the service is that I don’t have to lug my luggage the 30 miles to the doors of the airport and the relief of the luggage carts that are never around when I go looking for one.

The park and fly services are great for people like me who always take way too much luggage for my own good. So I love being able to be dropped off right at the terminal doors.


Full Detail Car Wash

Another great benny to most of the Park and Fly airport parking lot services is that some of them offer car washes. Not just a quick spritzing “slap some suds around” kind of deal. But, a real deep cleaning car wash with detail service and the whole 9 yards.

I don’t know about you, but with my busy lifestyle, I am always looking to try and multi-task everything, everywhere so when I heard about the car washing service offered by the airport parking service multi-task everything, everywhere so when I heard about the car washing service offered by the airport parking service, I was all in that.

You could say I am one person who is convinced that park and fly airport parking lot concierge service is definitely for me.

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