Our Favourite Ethanol Heaters

Our Favourite Ethanol Heaters

Suppose you were asked to list the types of heaters with which you are familiar. Most likely, your answer would be wood-burning, gas and electric; after all, they are the most common types of heaters in use today. However, recent advancements have presented a fourth option: ethanol heaters.

Ethanol heaters run on ethanol. It is an alcohol-based fuel that does not produce smoke, dangerous chemicals, or smell when burning. As a result, these heaters do not require flues, vents or chimneys to run safely. This advantage makes them easy and relatively inexpensive to install. They are also portable, so you can move your heater effortlessly from spot to spot and room to room.

Ethanol heaters come in various styles to suit varying aesthetics and budgets. The list below contains a sampling of ethanol heaters available from which you can make a selection.

Cocoon Pedestal Stainless Steel Bio Ethanol Fireplace

This product is a free-standing unit with a firepit contained within an oval dome. The pedestal burns ethanol to produce heat. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds; a warm, cosy fire without smoke, harmful chemicals or offensive odours. In addition, it is a true embodiment of form combined with function to produce a stunning must-have design. This fireplace would not be out of place in either contemporary or traditional decor themes. It is also portable and freestanding, a fantastic benefit for renters and apartment owners who cannot install chimneys in their properties.

Cocoon Aeris Stainless Steel Bio Ethanol Fireplace

An iteration of the pedestal fireplace above. This type uses the same design with one significant difference: instead of a base to keep the fireplace upright on the ground, the Cocoon Aeris is suspended from the ceiling. The pole from which it hangs allows you to adjust the height to your satisfaction. It is also possible to rotate the dome 360 degrees. This way, you can command the direction the firepit faces.

The genius of the Aeris’ design does not end there. You can also convert the fireplace to a freestanding pedestal model.

Icon Nero 1750 Wall Fire

The Icon Nero 1750 Wall Fire has been designed to mimic traditional wall-mounted fireplaces. Since Wall Fire models burn bioethanol, they do not require a gas pipe, chimney or vent to use. This omission makes installation straightforward. It can be installed almost anywhere you wish without the risk of having dangerous gasses released into the room during operation. The only by-products of burning bioethanol are water vapour and minimal amounts of carbon dioxide.

Cocoon Vellum Stainless Steel Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

This model is a showcase of the true merging of function and design. The Cocoon Vellum has a unique motif that stands out for its ingenuity. There is no need to add a chimney since it uses clean, environmentally friendly biofuel. It is a piece of art that also warms the space where it is placed.

The Vellum is a triple-threat masterpiece that seamlessly combines art, design and practicality, the very definition of a statement piece.

Ethanol heaters are exceptional examples of technological advancements that allow users to hold all the cards. If you choose to purchase an ethanol fireplace, you can be smug in the knowledge that you are heating your home without damaging the environment while staying true to your style preferences.

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