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Every once in a while, you want to give your home a brand new look. The most common options are repainting your rooms in different colours, upgrading your electronics and appliances, or swapping out your furniture and finishes. Most people keep their changes indoors, while others will pressure-wash and repaint their exterior walls as well.

But if you really think about it, you can get far more drastic results by re-roofing your home, especially if you use Colourbond®. It has twenty-two colours to choose from, so it can pleasantly match or contrast the colour scheme of your home. Even better, you can pick a stand-out colour that marks you out from all the neighbours.

Think about it. When you visit a gated neighbourhood, leafy suburbs, or even an apartment complex, all the houses are similar. So, you’re more likely to notice the one with a bright, lively roof. And because roofing is so distinct, your home suddenly looks brand new. Plus, revamping the exterior is more dramatic, because not everyone gets to see your internal refurbishments.

Go Beyond the House

Colourbond is rather versatile, so if you’re looking to give your home a completely new look, consider roof replacement in other parts of the home. You could install a new roof for the garage, garden shed, or carport if you don’t already have one. For homes with existing carports, a new Colourbond panel will look great and increase your property value.

Refreshing your home isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. The changing seasons mean this is a good time to have your roof repaired. You might have developed leaks from summer showers, and from potentially heavy falling branches this Autumn. You want to work with a roof repairs expert known for their honesty and professionalism, so shop around before you hire.

Ask your friends and neighbours which roofers they use. Some roofing companies do site visits where they assess the state of your roof, offer suggestions, and give you a detailed quote. They will ensure you’re happy with their pricing and specs before they lift a single shingle. They also have clear contracts, insured staff, and roof plumbers who can work on your gutters and roof drainage.

Safety and Quality

You may be tempted to try replacing your roof. It looks pretty easy, and YouTube tutorials will have you thinking you can do anything. In reality, professional roofers have detailed worker’s comp agreements because their job is life-threatening. So chances are your medical insurance won’t cover you for roofing accidents.

Also, we know how most DIY projects go. You start with enthusiasm, you take a coffee break, and you never quite resume the job. When it comes to roofing you’re better off with trained roof experts especially if said roofers offer a 10-year labour guarantee. So, pick a vibrant colour – or opt for silvery Zincalume® – and renew your home today.

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