The Natural Look Is In: The Latest Trend Breast Implants



Beauty trends constantly evolve as do our preferences. One such trend is emerging in the cosmetic surgery industry.

More and more women are opting to achieve more natural-looking results with breast enhancement.

For one, attitudes are changing. Fewer people want surgery that will make them look like a different person. Instead, more and more are choosing procedures that enhance rather than alter the way they look.

What’s causing the trend? In addition to changing attitudes, newer products, improved technology and a preference toward smaller implants are also driving demand for the “natural look.”

Downsizing Implants: A Trend Towards Smaller Sizes

In the past, the attitude toward breast implants was “bigger is better.” For some, that’s not necessarily true nowadays. In fact, we’re seeing more women opt for B-cup and small C-cup implants, rather than D or DD.

Here’s one reason why: Celebrities may be reinforcing the trend.  A growing number of celebrities have come clean about the work they’ve had done, including choosing smaller implants or downsizing. Pamela Anderson famously spoke about downsizing last year, for example.

Another reason: Smaller implants help women achieve a more figure-fitting, subtler look. This can help women feel better and enhance their natural curves, without having prominent breast implants.


New Breast Implant Products Designed to Deliver Natural Look

A steady stream of new breast implant products are revolutionising what doctors can achieve. For instance, tapered breast implants — which mimic the shape of mature breasts – have risen in popularity in the last few years.

With tapered implants, surgeons can create a more natural shape. For example, with rounder breast implants that were the most popular type in the 1990s and early 2000s, there’s fullness in the upper and lower half of the breast.

Tapered implants, which are often called “tear drop” implants, are available in various widths and slopes, allowing surgeons to properly fit them to the patient.

Additionally, the silicone gel used to fill breast implants has also evolved, helping to create a more natural feel. Gummy bear implants, for example, are typically offered in tapered shapes and they’re filled with a cohesive, form-stable gel that has a firm, yet natural feel.

Techniques have also advanced greatly. Early breast implant techniques were invasive and often resulted in visible scarring. New techniques including the transaxillary incision enable surgeons to greatly reduce and better hide incisions.

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