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If you are into design, you probably know that the choice of furniture significantly affects the overall outlook of any space. Choosing the right fittings can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room while making the wrong choice can be disastrous.

It is essential to stay updated with the latest developments in the industry to ensure that you make the right decision when purchasing furniture. The following are the standout trends that you need to keep an eye on.

Killer Curves

Curved leather lounges

In the past, most people preferred furniture with sharp edges and severe angles.  This trend is slowly fading away in favour of pieces with curved edges. It is now common to see leather lounges with sleek curves that add stylishness to every space.

However, it is crucial to keep the curves at a minimum. Too many curves on your furniture will make it appear out of place.

Multi-functional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture lounge with extra storage option

Modern homeowners like pieces that give their homes a minimalist outlook. For this reason, there is an increased buying of multi-functional furniture, because they save the space that would otherwise have been used by several pieces of furniture. For instance, there are various fabric or leather lounges which come with a storage option.

Innovative Use of Metal

Furniture with metal

Metals are gaining popularity by the day, although people no longer like rose gold. The most popular options are gold, brass, and blackened metals. They are mostly used in making handles and knobs, as well as decorating wooden furniture.

Metal furnishings are now using a sculpted feel and are being used to add style to timeless spaces.  The best thing about metal is that you do not have to pay a fortune because there is an option for every budget.

Blush Tones

Another booming trend in the furniture industry is the use of blush tones in place of neutral colours. The reason behind this shift is that blush tones give you extra freedom to explore your design directions and personalise your home.

Blush tones match perfectly with grey and white colour schemes. For this reason, you do not have to make significant updates to your room when you use furniture with blush hues.

Velvet Upholstery

Furniture with velvet upholstery has disappeared for some time, but the trend is gradually catching up among households. The fabric is gaining popularity because it is lavish and beautiful, and more importantly, it looks good on all types of chairs.

Velvet is available in multiple colours and can add an intricate allure to any space. Moreover, it is relatively cheap, durable, and easy to maintain.

Reclaimed Wood

If you are a conservation enthusiast, you will fall in love with furniture made from wood.  One of the best things about using this type of material is that each piece of wood has a unique history. They also feature signs of natural distress and have a lived-in feel due to their old age.


Every home renovation job often compels you to upgrade your furniture. Due to the abundance of options, it can be confusing to find the option that conforms to the latest trends.  If you are in such a situation, the options mentioned above are worthy of your consideration.

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