Marble Inspirations For Summer 2017 Interior Design

Marble Inspirations For Summer

If you’re wondering what you flooring options are for Summer 2017, marble is always a good choice. Marble is not only cool, rich, and elegant, it is also very traditional and luxurious, which shows extraordinary taste. After all, the Ancient Greeks used it, and it’s still an iconic status symbol today.

Marble can play with light and give off a fascinating glow. Its rich veining also adds to its aesthetic appeal. It’s versatile, and works well on walls, floors, and countertops, either in slab form or carved into tiles and pavers. It works well in tropical climates because it’s cool to the touch and keeps your space looking beautiful and classic.

The other appealing feature of marble is that its low maintenance. Dust or mop it every day with mild, non-acidic cleaning agents, and avoid foods that can cause etching. The lure of the natural made marble a big it this year and consumers increasingly chose natural stone over other forms of tile.

Interior Design

A big design trend this year was texture. Regarding walls and floors, texturing can produce a rough surface that attracts dust, making it inappropriate for high traffic areas, because it will need frequent cleaning. One of the easiest ways to achieve texture is to use materials like marble tile. It may have a flat, smooth surface, but its intrinsic designs give the illusion of texture, pattern, and style. Popular marble choices include:

Crema Pearl

This is a beautiful cream to beige coloured tile. It has a polished finish, and it comes in 600 by 600 by 20 mm tiles. It is one of the most commonly used marble options, because of its classic yet functional look.

Castile Pearl

This particular marble tile is Ivory cream in colour, and it is a honed and polished in its finish. There are three kinds of castile pearl marble. These are original castile ice pearl, and grey pearl, which is popular in Sydney.

Chinchilla Marble

This is a grey base marble with lighter shades of grey and white streaking along the tile. It offers aesthetic appeal, and the vertical veining creates a deeply textured effect. It works well as an accent but may be ill-advised in large swathes.

Calacatta Marble

This is a white to cream tile with streaks of gold to brown stains running through the tile. The golden tint gives off a majestic effect, and it would reflect the rich yellows and oranges quite well, making it a great choice this season.

Dark Emprador  Marble

This comes in chocolate brown inlaid with darker browns. Some samples have lighter cream or beige veining. Its effect is more understated than other types of marble so that it would work well in conservative, formal settings.

Izmir Marble

This pale stone is a white and is almost translucent. Its pallor creates a lot of design options since it goes with anything. It’s best dressed with brightly coloured furnishings to avoid a washed out overall effect.

New Elba Marble

If you’re looking for marble that is serious and sombre, this white to grey marble will do the trick. It can have a calming effect, though you could also contrast it with Tundra blue marble to brighten the aura it creates.

Volakas Marble

If you’re still veering towards greys, Volakas offers more solid veining that can give character and dimension to your room. Its base is white to grey, and the diagonal streaks create stormy cloud-like effects.

Marble tiles are stylish yet conservative, so they’re a statement design choice. They are less porous than raw stone slabs, making them lighter and less bulky to work with. As you explore marble this summer, think about overhauling the rest of your décor and starting over, so that you can get the full effect of your new marble walls and floors.

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