Why So Many Australians Are Time Poor

Australians Are Time Poor

Time-poor is an expression which arose in Britain at the end of the 20th century to describe groups of people who, while having a high disposable income through well-paid employment, had relatively little leisure time as a result. Interestingly it’s not just leisure time that is compromised; many of these people lack the time to do simple chores.
In Australia, the average hours spent at work are around 40.6 per week. This means in a day Australians spend around 8 hours working. Moreover, many employees do overtime while others prefer putting in their extra hours from their homes. With all the hustle and bustle, one hardly has time to do basic chores.

Perhaps not all problems that arise from this busy lifestyle can easily be fixed, but at least one has a decisive solution, car washing.  With so many car owners these days, car washing has become a necessity. Unfortunately not every car owner has the tools or the time to wash their cars at home or take them to a car wash centre. Mobile car detailing kills two birds with one stone. It saves you the effort and the time.

Cleaning a car on your own can take anywhere between 2-4 hours. Taking it to a car wash center will barely save you than an hour, and it will still use up your fuel. Mobile car detailing involves car detailing professionals coming to the location of your vehicle and cleaning your car onsite. If you live a busy life, they can even show up at your office parking. This revolutionary service is becoming popular. Although considered unconventional, many car owners now opt for mobile detailing services.

Cleaning A Car

At the touch of a button, mobile car detailers show up at your location with their specialised truck or van.  They come fully equipped with their tools. From detergents to state of the art buffing tools, they have it all. Their truck even has a water tank and its own pressure washer. Connection to water or power source is not necessary. These mobile units are self-sufficient, effective and very efficient. Professional detailers accompanying the truck deliver a world-class cleaning service unmatched by traditional home car washing, and better than many commercial car washes.

The impact on your car from mobile car detailing can be astonishing. Mobile detailers restore the look of your car and ensure both the exterior and interior detailing is nothing short of perfect. As opposed to home car washing, this new service preserves your paintwork and reduces chances of scratching. Mobile car detailers are professional detailers, and their expertise is vast. In their hands your car is safe. You are certain of brand new look for your car.

We know this service saves you the effort and the time, what about the money? To begin with, time saved is money saved. Secondly, although washing a car at home may seem to cost you nothing, this is only the case when you have all the appropriate tools for cleaning your car. For a good wash, you will definitely need to purchase cleaning products specific to the paint on your car, the type of upholstery and the material on your dash. These and many detailing products are very expensive. Mobile detailers come with their tools and save you the hustle and the money.

Compared to normal commercial car washes the cost of doing mobile car detailing is lower. You do not incur fuel costs trying to get your car into a car wash centre neither do you pay extra for fancy cleaning services that you can easily get from mobile car detailers.

Having mobile car detailers move around to attend to their clients is more eco-friendly than having many vehicles move to professional car wash centres. First, the fuel saved goes a long way in reducing the amount of carbon-based fuel burnt. Second, by having one or two vehicles make the trip instead of many, we reduce emissions into the environment.  Moreover, the water usage in mobile car detailing is efficient and limited to the water available in the mobile tanks. This greatly minimizes water wastage.

Now you may be wondering whether there are companies that offer this kind of service in your area. Mobile car detailing is very popular in Australia.  From a simple Google search, you are certain to get many mobile car detailing service providers. Although the options are many, you may want to confirm if the provider you have chosen offers the package you need. Packages range from simple exterior washes to deluxe detailing that includes full exterior and interior cleaning services. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, these professional detailers can clean every part of your vehicle apart from the engine.

Considering mobile car detailing has no downside, it seems like the best option for the “time poor.”  There is no more excuse for not having your car cleaned. If you can’t find the time, mobile car detailing is the solution for you.

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