Why Makeup Extremes Are in for Winter 2020 – Little or Lots of Makeup

As we head into winter we’re seeing something interesting happening in the makeup world – on Instagram, off-duty models, and even on the runway. While some influencers are headed out with a full face on, others are keeping the no-makeup makeup look, with just a touch of colour.

Which one of these is your look?

The no-makeup makeup trend

Fresh faced and full of life – that’s what the no-makeup makeup look is all about. This is a look straight from the runways of Calvin Klein in the 1990s – think Kate Moss at her most angelic. Since we’re still obsessed with all things 90s this should come as no surprise!

The key to this look is a flawless complexion, natural looking, fluffy brows, and simple, fairly nude touches. Of course, since we aren’t all blessed with an amazing complexion, this will rely heavily on your base and foundation.

You’ll need to use a foundation that’s not too heavy, such as a mineral powder, matched expertly to you skin tone. Skip the contouring, and add a sweep of peach or light pink blush to your cheeks. A touch of highlighting is ok for this look, but make sure that you don’t go overboard.

A subtle eyeliner in light brown and some minimal brown mascara can complete the look, with a bit of lip gloss. Think Selena Gomez in her Bad Liar video clip – it’s the fresh-faced young look that you’re going for here.

Why Makeup Extremes Are in for Winter 2017 - Little or Lots of Makeup

Let your makeup do the talking trend

If you’re not about that no-makeup look, then never fear – there’s some awesomely striking bold makeup moves that you can make in winter that are super on trend.

First up, glitter eyeshadow. In another 90s nod, glitter shadow is IN. Glitter either above or below the eyes (or both) is big, and make sure it’s big glitter, not just glitter dust. Make sure to use a good eye primer to keep this look rocking all night.

Not about glitter? Then you might like to try an 80s throwback look and grab some popping blue or purple eye shadow. Pair your eyeshadow with some bold lashes and sweep it across the entire lid, out to the sides.

Go for orange. Orange is simply everywhere at the moment – from lids, to cheeks, to lips. Find your ideal oranges and start to play around with them for your makeup look. It can really warm up your look, especially in winter!

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Bold lips for all

Bold lips are still trending as we head into Winter 17. However, we’re heading away from the super dark, muted shades of 2016 and into brighter pinks and reds this time. That deep purple is no longer going to be the most used lippie in your makeup box this season. If you’re a fan of the red lip for that super sexy and feminine look, then this is some good news!

If you’re not really about bold, then you can tone it down a bit in these same shades in dustier tones. Remember, matte is still in, and make sure that you keep a lipstick or pencil in your purse for reapplying whenever you head out.

A bold lip can be used with the no-makeup makeup look, or the striking look, too.

No matter what makeup trends you decide to follow (or not!) over winter, choosing brands and formulations that that suit your skin is always important. You’ll also find with cheap makeup that you can pick up anywhere, they may look cakey, or come off super quickly. It can pay to invest in quality products and applicators to really perfect your look.

If you’re not sure of the best ways to apply makeup, and what works for different colourings and skin tones, then forums and YouTube can be great starting off resources. There are a millions of makeup videos out there that show exact techniques and products used to complete a look. If you’re serious about getting to know makeup in depth, how to apply it, and the best types, then you might like to think about doing a professional makeup course.

Not only can a professional makeup course teach you how to expertly apply your very own makeup, but it could even end up setting you on a new career course if you find that you really enjoy it. You might find that you want to do it for others! Careers in makeup artistry range from makeup counters at department stores, to special events makeup, and even film and television makeup.

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