The Main Advantages of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are becoming more and more popular around the country due to the benefits associated with installing a set in the home. They are a good choice for young professionals, families, older couples, landlords… well, pretty much everyone really! Roller shutter technology has come a long way, and the aesthetics of roller shutters are now no longer bulky and clunky, where you have to struggle to get them closed or open, and they break easily. Now they are smooth, look good, and are easy to operate.

So what are the main advantages of installing roller shutters in the home? Today’s article takes a look at the benefits of these brilliant window coverings.


Main advantages of roller shutters

Deterring thieves

Protecting your home from theft is something that every homeowner should consider carefully. You may find out that your home and contents policy is actually void in your current home configuration! Roller shutters that are closed prevent thieves from entering your home through the windows. They look at a house with roller shutters as too much hard work to try and get it, so skip over your home and move on to the next one. Not so good for your neighbours, but good for you! If you have roller shutters installed, you have to make sure that you actually keep them closed to deter thieves though – open roller shutters aren’t going to protect you.


Protecting windows from storms

In Australia and Sydney especially, we are prone to some quite serious storms. Storms where the rain is pounding horizontally, tree branches and debris are flying about outside, and even the power goes out sometimes. Storms like this are not only scary while you’re going through them, they can also cause a lot of damage to property. Shutting your roller blinds during a storm will help protect your windows and home from unwanted damage occurring. You won’t get any tree branches crashing through these windows.


Keeping out sound and light

If you are a light sleeper then you will know all too well the annoyance of waking up at the crack of dawn because a crack of light starts creeping and you can hear the birds start to wake up. People that have roller blinds installed often find that they sleep much more soundly after installation. Roller blinds completely block out outside light, as well as seriously diminish the amount of noise that can enter the home too. It’ll be the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Not only this, it’s great for putting children to sleep during the day or to have a movie “night” while the sun’s still up.


Keeping the heat out (or in!)

Roller shutters are an excellent choice for insulation purposes, too. Roller shutters kept closed in summer can keep much of the heat out of the home, that would enter if you had bare windows. This is great when coming home from work after a long summer day and not being greeted with a furnace of a house. Similarly, roller shutters can also keep the heat inside the house during winter. Heat will generally escape through windows in winter, so roller shutters will guard against that. This can help to save on the costs of both your cooling and heating bills during summer and winter and adds that extra layer of insulation that can help your home to feel more comfortable throughout the course of the year.


Add privacy

It’s nice to feel that you can relax and be yourself in your home – whether that’s walking around in your undies, maybe drinking from the milk carton (so naughty), or whatever else you feel like doing. You really don’t want neighbours or the general public stickybeaking when you’re in your castle. If you install roller shutters, then you can just keep them shut and do whatever you please in your home without worrying about other people strolling past, even if your home is located facing a busy street. Go ahead, bust out your Tom Cruise in Risky Business moves down the hallway like there’s no tomorrow – no one is going to see you this time! It’s like gaining your castle back, really.

There are many advantages to having roller shutters, and these are just the most common reasons that people love their roller shutters.

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