What to Look For in A Mobile Car Wash Provider

mobile car detailing

Car detailing is an important and regular part of maintaining your car properly. After all you dont want all your hard-earned money going to ruin by not taking care of your car properly this includes regular detailing along with servicing. Car detailing ensures that the normal wear and tear your car is exposed to every day doesnt end up causing any damage to your car. It is for this reason you need to clean or have your car cleaned regularly.

One of the biggest *issues* facing most car owners is deciding where to take their car, or how to choose a mobile detailing service. It can be hard to choose especially if your pride and joy is brand new. Before you hire anyone to clean your car you need to ensure you are getting the most out of your money.

When it comes to paying a professional to clean your car, you have two main choices, either taking your car to a fixed location and having it washed, or you employ a mobile car detailer to come to your home or place of work and clean the car for you *while you wait*. The good thing about a mobile car detailing service is they come to you at your convenience, meaning you can get the car washed while you are at work, or while you are at home doing other things. Mobile car cleaning services are affordable, reliable, convenient and hassle free.

Unless someone has recommended a car detailing service to you, its best to know what you should be looking for, before hiring someone. You need to know a few things including every service they offer, how flexible they are, and do they have good customer feedback or testimonials?

Remember you are the boss, its what you want when you want, they are coming to you to provide a service. No two car detailing places are the same, they all vary on prices and services available, you need to ensure they offer everything you need. They should offer a range of services that you can *tailer make* into a clean that is right for you and for your car.



Tips on finding the right mobile car cleaning service for you include

  • Do your research. Take your time and try and get as much information about the different providers as you can. Word of mouth is the best way to gather information, but if no one can help look in the classifieds section of your local paper, or try a google search online. Yellow Pages, True Local and Hi-Pages are also good places to look, you will also be able to see customer feedback.
  • Contact the ones you like and speak to them directly – they should have great customer service from that first *hello*, look for any customer feedback and star ratings. This is a great way to discover what their services are like and if the detailer is easy to get along with.
  • Look for the packages they offer, especially the packages that fit within your budget and your needs and look for the package that is not only affordable, but one that covers everything – or almost everything you need. Some car detailing providers offer free gifts, special offers and other promotions throughout the year, but always select the provider that offers you the best deal – all year round.
  • Depending on the car you own it’s important to find out what cleaning techniques they use for cleaning your car, and the products. Are they using environmentally friendly products? Are the products used inside the car – for example, leather polish or carpet shampoos – good quality products, or cheap generic products from overseas?
  • Before making your final decision does the service offer a form of warranty? Most will give a warranty stating you will receive the results you want, ensuring you end up with a clean, shiny car inside and out.

Nobody likes a car that looks dirty which is why many people are turning to the services of a mobile car cleaning business. They provide you with a professional service that helps you care for your car, so you can hit the road looking and feeling good.

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