The Latest Playground Modules

The Latest Playground Modules

When it comes to children’s physical development playing outside is essential. There is nothing better than running around in the fresh air, jumping, climbing, swinging, etc., it all helps build fitness including healthy bones and muscles. It also helps burn off any excess calories. Sadly, there are too many children who don’t spend enough time outside playing, simply because they are too interested in sitting around watching TV or playing video games. Children find things to do inside are more fun than what is outside, so they simply choose to stay inside.

So, what can you do to encourage your children to spend more time outside?

You need to make being outside FUN for kids. Fortunately, outdoor play equipment manufacturers have done a GREAT job of designing everything from modern swings and slides, to whole backyard playgrounds that are affordable, safe and durable (perfect for a young family).

Even better – kids love outdoor playgrounds!

Whether your children are more interested in swings and sea-saws or want a jungle gym, playhouse or rock climbing wall, there are individual modules out there to suit every family’s needs and budgets. Don’t forget you can always add another module or two later on.

Children’s outdoor equipment today is made in a range of materials including plastic, metal – which is often padded with soft rubber or plastic for protection – and wood, in a range of bright colours.

When planning your backyard playground, you need to give it some thought.

  • Is there going to be enough room for the equipment?
  • What is the size and shape of the equipment?
  • Is there proper water drainage?

Will any of the modules be under/near, or obstructed by trees, fences or power lines?

Imagine how much fun it would be watching your children – and their friends playing safely in your backyard playground.

There are a range of exciting and fun playground modules available including:

The Challenger climbing system which features a range of modules including spider nets, aerial tunnels and climbing walls. You can add a slide, platform, monkey bars, and other ropes, steps and bars. Start off with one or two accessible modules and add more as your children grow.

The Albany is another good starting point for the backyard, it consists of a double slide, stairs, steel steering panel, gear panel, shop front panel and a naughts and crosses panel. Your girls will love *running their own shop* and boys will enjoy steering their pirate ship. At 3.6m X 3.6m its quite compact yet packs a lot of fun in.

The Gold Coast is a great playground for the budding *Ninja Warrior* at 10.8 m X 6m it will require a big chunk of your backyard, but, you get to have a range of play areas, that will build both strong bodies and great imaginations. A large play module such as this is also perfect for the family who has a few children of different ages and it’s great for boys and girls. It comes in bright and bold colours – that kids love and includes, a double wave slide, rock wall, some giant steps, clatter bridge, 360 whirl slide, a fire pole, half hoop climbers, rope balance bridge, stepping stones, a spacewalk, landing decks, track ride and a chain wall. Something for everyone, from the budding fireman to the astronaut.

Perhaps you have swimming pool, and you want something for the kids that ties in with a bit of a *tropical theme* take a look at the Karratha Theme or the slightly larger Eye Peninsula, in greens and reds and both come with their own pretend palm trees, so they will look right at home in a backyard garden. The Karratha theme is 7.9m X 3.6 m and comes with a double slide, centipede climber, gear panel, tube crawl, plastic safety panel, curly climber, single wave slide, palm trees, stairs and a hut roof, while the larger Eyre Peninsula at 7.8m X 5.1m comes with360 whirl slides, naughts and crosses panel, single wave slides, tube crawl lookout, right slide, centipede climber, stairs, 2 palm trees, hut roofs a curly climber and steel safety panel.

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