Kids Play Areas in Restaurants

Kids Play Areas in Restaurants

It’s really no secret, kids love to play and to run around and it can be hard when you want to go out with friends and family for a nice relaxing meal out. Finding a restaurant that has an indoor play area is PERFECT! Those who are parents will know the struggles of trying to keep their kids entertained while trying to enjoy themselves while being mindful of other diners and restaurant staff. After all, no one wants to be *that one* with the unruly noisy children running a muck.

Taking your children with you to a restaurant with a play area is a win-win situation, the kids will be excited at having a place they can run around, as parents you’ll feel more relaxed and you also know that the restaurant is *welcoming* towards children. They have seen the need to keep children happy and have done something about it!

A visit to a restaurant with a play area is exciting for your child, especially if it’s the first visit there, and it’s going to make your morning out more enjoyable too. Depending on the age of your children and if you are a *stay at home* parent, there is nothing better than catching up with friends on the weekend and enjoying some *grown up* conversations.

Play areas can also give your child the chance to meet new children, you’ll find that generally, children are better at making new friends than adults are, so meeting other children in a different social environment – away from day care or school gives your child a chance to meet new children and to improve their social skills and confidence.

Interacting through play is important for your child’s development, so while they are running around with new children and you are relaxing and catching up with friends, you are actually helping your child build their social skills, to develop as a *person* and to have fun!

Restaurants install play areas so their customers (you) can relax while your children run around and play, they know that bored children *act up* and throw tantrums and can become an embarrassment for you, and a nuisance for other customers. A lot of thought, care and preparation go into designing a play area that can cater for children of all ages. Many toys and games have been designed to promote children’s development. Brightly coloured equipment and the different shapes you see in more play areas are there to help stimulate a child, while other pieces of equipment can help with their coordination and problem-solving skills. Your child doesn’t know they are actually learning, they are just too busy having fun.

As well as being great for a child’s development, them running around and climbing on pieces of equipment is the perfect way to keep them fit and active and perhaps tire them out a little. Also, if they are running around while you are waiting for the food to arrive, they’ll burn up energy and have a bigger appetite. That’s a bonus for you, no, or less wasted food!

Unfortunately, today childhood obesity is on the increase, so taking your child anywhere where they can run around, increase their fitness levels and stay fit is a bonus. Even better if you can combine it with a social outing for you both. Depending on the restaurant and space they have had available to cater for a play area, larger play areas have been designed to give children a work-out and to help keep their core muscles as strong as possible which helps with muscle growth and development.

All play areas are designed to be a safe area for children to play and to use, and are designed especially with children in mind/ Children can run, climb, jump and slide in play areas without being able to hurt themselves. Depending on the ages of your children it’s perfectly safe to let them go and play on their own.

Depending on the restaurant it may have a play area inside, or the area might be outside, this means that during winter or bad weather the play areas is unavailable, always check with the restaurant before booking IF a play area is required. If the play area is inside it doesn’t matter what the weather is like as the play area will be open and available to use all year around.

Restaurants have seen a need for a place to let children run around and be kids. Mum and Dad can relax, enjoy each other’s company or catch up with friends.  When you are relaxed, you will stay longer and grab that second coffee or a slice of cake – it’s a winning combination for everyone.


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