Keep Pests Out Of Your House This Winter

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As we are in the beginning of the winter season, it the time that we may find more pests than usual in the kitchen and around the home. They are looking for a warm place and what could be better than your home? You can keep these nasty bugs out with a few simple steps.

1. Block Access to Your Home

Pests like to stay warm. So, when the cold kicks in pests come looking for shelter. They will love a warm home. You might be unknowingly spreading the welcome mat. Always make sure to seal off openings and cracks outside your home. Do your checks in attic spaces, windows, gutters and ensure the house is safe from mice, carpet beetles and other intruders. It is advisable to install mesh gutter guards so that debris will not have room to build up and it will not be easy for curious creatures to stay. Always keep doors shut to block unwelcome pests coming in.

2. Get Rid of Nearby Rubbish.

Pests love rubbish. Their most lovable debris are dead leaves, old tires, wild grass, stacks of wood and other junk or any debris that can offer them somewhere to live. Keep raking up leaves, always trim grass without permitting it to overgrow, keep cleaning the gutters and if things are in a storeroom away from your house, keep pall in bags so bugs cannot get in. Do not let water get collected in remove junk since it is the best place for mosquitoes to make more of them. Keep the outside and in-side of the home clear of scraps and rubbish.

3. Keep Food Closed.

Unclosed food is a welcoming hand to most pests. For example, if an ant walks into your home base and discovers a reliable source of food, it will invite its thousands of friends to enjoy the party. So, make sure your food storage is airtight. This is common to pet food as well. It is vital to properly clean up after all meals and make sure your trash cans have tight lids to close.

4. Take Away Sources of Fluid.

Moisture is another factor most pests admire especially cockroaches. They habitually walk in, in the hunt for moisture. Keep looking for any leakages, along with any other places that could dock standing water. Inspect all the taps and shower heads in your home to make sure they are not dripping. Take time and examine blocked channels and fractured pipes before temperature drops. Always pre-prepare your home for winter months on an annual basis to that, in the long run, you will not have to put much effort like how you did earlier, and pests will not come looking for your home for shelter since it is not a familiar place for them.

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When you have nicely sealed up the holes and fixed all the leakages, it is time for you to sit back and enjoy the winter months relax until spring, when the hot meteorological conditions wake up hibernating bugs and termite swarm time of year begins. Consult a professional who can back you up in pest control, termite treatment and support you put a treatment in place to keep insects out of your household before the leaves begin to fall.

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