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If you are conversant with how trucks and buses work, you will already understand that your bus or trucks need a diagnosis from time to time. Even as a human being, we need diagnosis, especially when we have worked for long hours and we are exhausted. This is the same for buses and trucks irrespective of the brands. Whether the brand of your bus or truck is Volvo, MAN, DAF, Iveco, Mercedes, Isuzu, Cat or Kenworth, it certainly needs to be diagnosed.

Meanwhile, finding the right tool for diagnosing the truck or bus may prove to be a thorn in the flesh. Therefore you should consider yourself lucky to be reading this content at this point. The difficulty in finding the right tool for diagnosis has been solved for you. JalTest is an innovative diagnostic equipment that you should have in your workshop or garage. It’s the ultimate answer to diagnose your vehicles effectively. This multi-brand diagnosis tool will help you not only to detect faults in your trucks or buses but also to find the right path to a lasting solution. Let’s check it out.


Truck Diagnostics

Jaltest diagnosis tool for trucks gives you different possibilities such as the detection and description of errors, information about the use and location of the connectors, compression test, and other components, activation of the fan and system data information among many others. It is a multi-brand and multi-system tool that is appropriate to perform diagnosis on your truck.


Bus Diagnostics

First and foremost, it is good to inform you that the JalTest diagnostic tool for buses is enhanced software that is specifically designed for the maintenance of buses. It gives you the exact information that you need on about the internal system of buses. This applies to either bus used for long distances or those used for short distances.

Just like in the case of trucks, the tool also offers a multi-brand and multi-system diagnosis for buses. The development of a tool that is specifically for buses has made Jaltest a greater force to reckon with when it comes to getting a diagnosis tool for buses. Read further to check the possibilities the tool offers.


Possibilities of Jaltest Diagnosis Tool Based on Application Design

The application design of Jaltest Tool for diagnosis of trucks, buses and other vehicles offers the following options:

  • Information on connectors: Jaltest will give you information about which connector you should use and its location on your truck.
  • Diagnosis: It offers automatic detection of all errors registered on the control units and systems integrated on the vehicle.
  • Actuation of Components: The tool has the possibility of interacting and sending orders on various systems. Such orders include fan activation, operational checking of different mechanisms, cylinder cut out, compression test, etc.
  • Measuring Values: The tool also has the ability to measure and display up to eight values simultaneously. This means you can quickly get information on the range of reference values. That’s awesome.
  • Parameters: Jaltest tool also have the configuration of different parameters.
  • System Data: You will get information about the system configuration and data
  • Errors Clearance: It also has the possibility of providing error clearance on the control unit. Aside from this, it can turn off failure lamps. Bus Diagnostics

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