Is Dance A Good Form of Exercise?

dance and exercise

In short, yes! The benefits of dancing for your body, mind, and soul are innumerable. It drives a particular level of focus known to increase energy levels. Dance incorporates a fuller range of body motion than other exercise forms and requires spatial awareness. It’s special because it involves many brain functionalities at once, improving brain capacity and coordination. Such a combination of brain activation and physical exertion reduces stress and anxiety. Here’s a breakdown of dance’s benefits:

Cardiovascular Health

Dancing is great for your heart. It challenges your body, requiring bursts of energy output in all directions, as well as speeding up and slowing down momentum. These challenges of exertion burn more calories, improve circulation, and can reverse the damages of sitting.

Endurance and Strength

Your muscles must resist your own body weight to accomplish the dance moves. Over time you will build the strength to do so with greater impact, and for longer periods of time. Other forms of aerobic exercise, like jogging, often use the same muscles and type of movement repeatedly. But dance utilizes many kinds of motions, like twisting, and movement in all directions, so it can tone a larger variety of muscles. Yet at the same time, you will not overtrain your muscles because you can naturally adjust your speed and exertion level. Dancing is also known to strengthen bones.


Developing flexibility during your workout is vital for your body; in order not to overstrain tightened muscles and to protect your joints. Not only is stretching a part of dance class, but dancing will naturally increase your range of motion with organic movement. Dance loosens your body, reducing stiffness.

Posture and Balance

While dancing, your spine will realign itself, and teachers will design activities and stretches to encourage this. Additionally, you will gain awareness of your body, your weight placement, and how you can control it with proper muscle engagement. This benefit is great for back health, will improve performance with any sport, and even boost confidence and self-esteem.

It’s FUN

You can actually reap all the benefits of a high-impact workout without forcing yourself through a tedious chore, by dancing. Because you’re having fun while doing it, you will push your body to move for longer, and also become more likely to continue doing it in your future. There is also hard scientific evidence for the positive psychological, neurological, and emotional impact dance has on your brain. It creates neurotransmitters which give a feeling of simultaneous relaxation and power. It releases hormones that make you feel good, like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. By using many parts of the brain in coordination, it improves memory, significantly reducing dementia risk.

In addition to serving as a form of exercise, dance allows you to express yourself and inspires your imagination. Individually, it promotes perseverance and self-care, but it also connects you to others around you. For children, studies show that regularly attending dance class improves academic achievement as it enhances cognitive ability. It also helps them work better with others. There are plenty of gyms in Sydney that incorporate dance as a form of exercise. Find a class to improve your skills, have fun, and exercise in one of the most fulfilling ways possible.

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