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Got a new barbeque and unsure of the rules for cooking for gas barbeques? Never here, we are here to help you with some insider tips for cooking on your new Barbie. To be fair, folk, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of things – after a couple of rounds cooking with your new barbie you’re probably going to feel like a bit of a pro and have your own set of tips ready to tell anyone who will listen! Let’s get on with it then, shall we?

Some Things Cook With The Lid Up, Some With It Down

Learning which things to cook with the lid up and which things to cook with the lid down isn’t hard. Think about it this way – which things would you cook in the oven, and which things would you fry in a pan? The same applies to cooking with your gas BBQ. If you are really unsure how to cook your food, then lid down is probably the way to go – you can’t go wrong this way, although it might take longer.

If You Don’t Have a Thermometer, Grab One

Cooking is always easier when you know the exact temperature that your heat source is set to. If your BBQ doesn’t have temperature settings for the hobs, or there is no inbuilt temperature gauge, then you should pick one up. Knowing the temperature of your BBQ will tell you how long to cook your food for. And if you don’t know just how hot it is and you’re cooking with the lid down, then you’re really leaving things up to chance.

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Always Clean Your Barbie When It’s Still Warm

Barbeques are easiest to clean when they are still warm. If you leave it until your barbie is cold to give it a clean, then you’re going to be putting in a lot of elbow grease to try and remove the grease. If you wait for around half an hour to an hour after cooking (with the lid open that is), your barbeque will still but warm but not too hot which will help when you’re cleaning it.

Keep Your Meat In The Fridge Until It’s Time to Cook

When you’re having a barbie, you often feel like you should have all the food on hand, ready to cook just when needed. However, it’s always best to keep your meat in the fridge up until the time of cooking – don’t leave it out ready to be cooked up in the next batch, keep it cool. Raw meat that is left out can make you sick if bacteria starts to grow. So best keep it in the fridge till you’re ready to fire it.

Keep a Spare Gas Bottle In Case You Run Out While Cooking

If your gas barbie runs on gas bottles rather than mains gas, then you might like to think about keeping a spare gas bottle on hand in case the one that you’re using runs out! There’s nothing worse than running out of gas when you’re midway through a barbeque and having to finish things off on the stove or in the oven – it ruins the whole point barbequing in the first place.

Coat The Grill With Some Oil Before Cooking

Like cooking on your stovetop, frying in a pan, you should coat your barbeque grill before doing any cooking on it to ensure that your food doesn’t stick. Many people choose to use spray oil for the barbeque, just because it’s so easy just to spray and go. Give it a further coat after each batch of food that you do to may sure everything remains easy to flip.

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