Insider Tips for the Business Traveller

Travelling for business is quite a novelty – until you have to do it all the time. If you have to fly for business quite often, then you need to make the experience as smooth and pain-free as possible so that you can relax, and have plenty of time up your sleeve to do your own thing as well. Check out our top insider tips for the business traveller right here.

Tip #1: Use park and fly services

Are you taking your flight from your home town? A great way to avoid stress going both to and from the airport in and out on your trip is to drive yourself and park your car at the airport, ready to pick up when you come back.

Tip #2: Carry a sleeping mask and ear plugs

The clever business traveller makes good use of their time on the plane. This may either be used for catching up on work or if you’ve already been working hard, catching up on sleep. Most people will find that it is far easier to get a good nap in if you use an eye mask and some good quality ear plugs on the plane.

Tip #3: Become a member of an airline lounge

Airport lounges are a great place to get a meal in, do some work, or have a rest. The business traveller should always be a member of an airline lounge, preferably one that gives access to many different airlines airport lounges.

Tip #4: Don’t forget to moisturise

Because flying dries you out, it can often give you quite dry or scaly skin. Pick up a quality facial and hand moisturizer that can travel with you, so you’re not flaking off during your business meetings. Go for reputable cosmetic brands rather than the supermarket stuff.

Tip #5: Drink plenty of water (and not alcohol)

Another way to not dry out is to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Always make sure that you are sipping water before, during, and after your flight. You shouldn’t drink alcohol during these time periods as well, as it dehydrates you even more. If you are finding yourself particularly dry, you might like to travel with electrolyte powder.

Tip #6: Try and adjust sleeping patterns before hitting another time zone

If you’re flying overseas into a completely different time zone, and if you have enough lead in time to do so, try and adjust to your new time zone (in terms of sleeping patterns) before you head off. This way, when you have meetings straight away after you get in, you won’t be yawning your head off.

Tip #7: Have a flight kit always ready to go

Toothbrush, hair gel, travel socks, lip balm… Make sure to carry all your goodies in the one kit so you’re good to go whenever you need to fly, you just pick up your kit. If you want to use the same things in your life at home just pack up a second kit and use that.

Tip #8: Use a points credit card to get more flyer miles

While you’re probably racking up plenty of flyer miles on your jet setting adventures, why not get more out of it? Use a credit card that collects the same type of points whenever you spend on it. Even if you don’t use them yourself, they can be transferred to others so they too can fly.

Tip #9: Take flights where you won’t have to travel to the airport in peak traffic if possible

Peak hour traffic? No way! Pick flights where you miss the peak hour traffic, or if you can’t help it, stay in an airport hotel overnight. This way you don’t have to worry about being late or in a mad scramble to get anywhere on time. Oftentimes you’ll find good deals on airport hotels so have a look around to see what’s on offer.

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