Industrial use of Coolant Filtration Systems

Coolant filtration system

The maintenance of industrial machines is as essential, because machines can only last longer and work more effectively if they are in the right condition. The need to keep these machines well-aerated at low cost is what led to the introduction of the coolant systems.

Now, due to the constant use of these industrial machines, there may arise the need to change the coolants or recycle the used ones for further usage. Of course, we will advise you to use the recycling method as this saves you the cost of having to purchase new coolant.  The most common way to recycle coolants is through the filtration method as this sieves out the debris, tramp oil, stones, dirt, and other forms of contaminants in the coolant to make it safe for reuse.


Coolant Filtration Systems

For you to use the filtration method, you will need to install a coolant filtration system within the manufacturing plant in your industry. This filter can be installed in applicable situations for the industrial plant; these include:

  • Central Coolant Systems:
  • Machine Coolant Sumps;
  • Metal Grinding region;
  • Coolant Recycling;
  • Metal Polishing;
  • Quench Fluids, etc.

The Process of Filtration

As stated earlier, the idea behind filtration is to separate the contaminants from the coolant; the process takes the coolant fluid through a media roll, which in turn traps the unwanted solids. These processes may occur in different forms; these include:

  • Economic Filtration: This helps to maximize the volume of unwanted particles per area of media to reduce media costs.
  • Long Cycles: this allows the filtration process to work with fewer interruptions for media changes. This, in turn, improves the capacity of the filter.
  • Small filters: These are quite cheaper to operate, as they take less space compared to the larger filters. However, here, the unwanted particles build on the media, thereby impeding the flow of the liquid being filtered.


Coolant Filtration System benefits to look for:


Coolant filtration system can have a lot to offer your industry, some of which include:

  1. A high-performance filter media roll that can deliver less than 10 ppm solids over 10 microns,
  2. It preserves the coolant’s life by 5 to 10 times of its original state,
  3. The filters flow at the rate of 15gpm to 2,000gpm,
  4. It lessens the tool wear,
  5. It has better part size control,
  6. It comes out with a better surface finish, etc.


Using a coolant filtration system for your industry can prove to be very cost effective. It helps to return dirty coolants into a reusable state. The system takes the coolant through a recycling process just like an industrial wastewater filtration system; it first directs dirty coolant into a chamber where it is filtered through an air filter roll or a media filter roll. These rolls suck in the unwanted particles and release the coolant in a perfect condition, ready for reuse.


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