How To Use Your Charcoal BBQ

How To Use Your Charcoal BBQ

It is a beautiful day. The weather outside is mild and pleasant. The sky is clear, and the sun warm on the skin. You now have a prime opportunity to enjoy some time outside making merry. To take advantage of such a boon, you decide to gather your family together and have a BBQ. The best part of the plan is that the charcoal BBQ can finally be unveiled and taken through its paces.

Using a charcoal BBQ is the ideal accompaniment to spending quality time outdoors. If you understand how to use it properly, you can create dishes that will delight and inspire. This guide will give you pointers on using your charcoal grill in three steps to get the best results every time.

Step One: Lighting The Grill

First and foremost, you have to inspect the ash catcher. Most modern BBQs are fitted with one just below the space where the coals are placed. As the name suggests, an ash catcher collects the ash formed by the burning coals. Therefore, it is crucial to clean it out – if need be- before you light the BBQ. However, do not discard all the ash. Instead, preserve a handful or two and keep it to the side; it will come in handy.

Once the ash catcher is clean, expose the charcoal grate by removing the top grate used for cooking. Pour charcoal briquettes onto the grate; remain careful to fill it only halfway.  Sprinkle the ash you put aside earlier over the charcoal, then set it alight. The purpose of the ash is to hasten this process.

When the charcoal has caught, allow ten to fifteen minutes for it to get up to temperature. Next, replace the cooking grate before closing the lid to start pre-heating the BBQ. The thermometer built into the cover will provide temperature indications so that you can keep track. You can make temperature adjustments by altering the amount of coal as needed; remove some charcoal to lower the heat and add charcoal to increase it.

Step Two: The Cooking Process

When you have managed to attain the ideal temperature, it is time to start cooking. First, open the lid, then brush a light coating of cooking oil onto the grate. Avoid using cooking sprays as stray droplets may land on the coals, increasing the temperature and necessitating readjustments. With the grate now well coated, you can place your food on the BBQ to begin the cooking process.

Take note that different foods require varying temperatures to cook correctly. When using a charcoal BBQ, finding the right heat level depends on the ingredients’ position on top of the grates relative to the hot charcoal briquettes below. You can create heat zones to enable you to cook multiple foods at once. Simply pile more charcoal in one area for high heat, and allow the amounts to taper off so that the spot with the least coals is the low heat zone.

Step Three: Cleaning

Cleaning your BBQ is quick and straightforward. All you have to do is run a stiff wire brush over the hot cooking grate. Alternatively, you can use half a raw onion skewered onto a fork. The latter method is slightly superior as it is more organic. You also avoid the risk of leaving bits of metal on the grate, which can get into the food.

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