How to Throw The Best Pizza Party

How to Throw The Best Pizza Party

Delectable piping hot pizza delivered to your door is the stuff of dreams. And you can make everyone’s dream come true by organising the best pizza party. The greatest part of hosting an epic pizza party is the minimal effort required. We’re all busy, and a pizza party requires very little effort that really packs a punch. Feed a few or feed an army, it’s super easy when you order pizza from a quality local gourmet pizza shop. The main ingredient in hosting an epic pizza party is delicious mouth-watering pizza made from scratch. Remember, it’s all about the pizza.

Follow this go-to plan for organising the best pizza party:


Choose quality pizza

The best pizza party depends upon scrumptious tasting pizza. It’s as simple as that. The crust is the foundation of any good pizza, so choose a local gourmet pizza shop that prepares its dough from scratch every day. As well, you want the ingredients to come from local suppliers, ensuring freshness and quality. A local pizzeria that makes its own pizza will create the most epic pizza party.


Select sides and drinks

Who can resist garlic bread done right? Or a tasty pasta dish that will satisfy the most ravenous of appetites? Your local gourmet pizza shop will make things so easy for you by offering a range of sides – think Crispy Chicken Wings, Beer Battered Onion Rings or good old fashioned Steakhouse Chips. Your guests will get thirsty and sometimes only a fizzy drink can really quench a thirst. So order enough soft drinks to satisfy everyone. Remember to fill some tubs with ice to keep your drinks icy cold. This way, as soon as the drinks arrive with the pizza delivery, you can pop them straight into the tub to keep them chilled. Too easy.


Finalise the guest list and decide what to order

When you send out the party invites, make sure to ask for everyone’s favourite pizza toppings. Pepperoni is the number one pizza topping worldwide, so it’s a definite crowd pleaser. But be sure to add some variety. Toppings like Meatlovers, BBQ Chicken or Margherita are irresistible and sure to delight. The popularity of vegan foods means that ordering a couple of vegan pizzas will keep everyone happy. These mushroom based pizzas will become a party favourite.


Have enough seating

Make sure there’s enough seating. Consider borrowing some chairs from some friendly neighbours or buying-up big on fold-up chairs (you can stow these away and use them next time!).


Choose your music

Create the perfect playlist. Put together an awesome playlist your guests will love. Press play, sit back and enjoy. This way, you avoid two major problems: spending your whole night playing DJ (instead of relaxing) and avoiding that one person hijacking the music selection.


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