How to Take Proper Care of your Deck

Outdoor Deck

The deck is a delightful outdoor structure that enhances the concept of outdoor living. Decks that are well thought out and properly installed can make a big difference in the way the backyard looks and feels. Decks also make for ideal entertainment spaces with the addition of extra features like outdoor kitchens, fire pits and seating areas, as well as entertainment centres. For those that have a deck on their backyard, the possibilities for elegant outdoor living are numerous. However, like all other features of the home, the deck requires careful maintenance and proper care if it is to serve its purpose for an extended period.

It is no secret that decks are usually exposed to weather and environmental changes. This can lead to a lot more wear and tear on the materials that have been used in the construction of the deck. The only way to prolong the useable life of the deck is to heed some tips and tricks for its care.

When caring for your deck, please consider:


What materials were used to construct your deck? While most homeowners still prefer the use of wooden planks, other materials like PVC have become more popular. Caring for PVC is simple, as it merely requires a good wash now and then to remain clean. This also applies to composite wood, which is a hybrid of real wood with plastic elements. Real wood, on the other hand, tends to require a more involved care process. Simple washing does not always do the trick.

Cleaning Process

To clean your deck, you must be careful not to overlook any components as you strive to finish faster. Be thorough throughout the process, beginning with the removal of all furniture, where possible. Sweep the deck of all debris, and then clean all the furniture. After that, you may move on to the washing stage, where you can select the appropriate cleaning agents that would best serve your purposes. Once a thorough wash has been completed, you can then return the furniture to its place. Conversely, you can even take the opportunity to make some changes and rearrange!

Timber decks need a cleaning process that is more detailed than other decking materials. In addition to sweeping and washing, you must also take the time to reapply sealants or other protective substances as needed. A sealant, in this case, refers either to oil or stains. Each one carries its benefits and the choice between them is entirely up to you based on your preference.


Be sure to maintain the cleanliness of your deck. Most importantly, keep the deck free of organic waste as much as possible. Organic waste rots and releases compounds that interact with the wood, resulting in corrosion. Organic waste includes fallen leaves and foodstuff that has dropped onto the deck. In addition to regular cleaning, make sure that you have your deck inspected. A professional eye will catch any concerns that may arise which would otherwise be missed. Whether your timber deck in Sydney is large or small, a deck builder in Sydney is an excellent resource to turn to as part of the maintenance process. They can provide tips for enhanced care while educating you on how to remain on the right track in caring for your deck.

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