How to Take Care of Your Hair in Winter

How to Take Care of Your Hair in Winter

As the cold season is slowly approaching, it is the perfect time to get to know how you will care for your hair without risking bad hair days that lead to long saloon bills when your try to bring some life to your brittle hair. Yes, we have all experienced this, but not this year. The cold weather combined with the dry indoor heat we use to keep ourselves warm tends to bring some havoc to our hair strands. You notice you have more split ends and breakage during this time, and the natural shine is nothing but a memory, not forgetting the colour of your hair slowly fades.

If you have experienced this and much more, then it is time to avoid the winter induced bad hair days with these simple tips.

Ensure you are using less heat

During winter, we find ourselves using more heated appliances, we understand keeping warm is essential during cold months, who would even consider air-drying their air after the shower. Since we want to enjoy both -good hair and keeping warm-, how about using your blow-dryer once a week, or even, do your hair a favour to once a month.

Try to wash your hair less

Since you are trying to limit the use of your blow-dryer, a quick method would be to wash less, no need to wash your hair every other day. Make use of different hairstyles and hats that will keep you away from washing your hair soon, and once the warm weather is back, you can get on your routine.

Your hair needs to be protected with oil.

Heavy moisturising goes a long way to boost the health of your hair strands. Oils like jojoba or olive oil do wonders; just a few drops applied to your ends every day will keep it from splitting. The oil will also help in reducing that freezy look.

Invest in a moisturising mask

Keep your hair conditioned adequately throughout the week is vital during the cold months, and a hair mask is a perfect treatment that will do the trick. It will effectively lock in the moisture living your hair looking shiny and soft. If you are looking for an inexpensive mask, how about trying a DIY option, make use of the different items in your pantry like yoghurt and avocado to keep the shine going for longer.

When you wash your hair dry it thoroughly

Don’t go outside with damp hair as the cold air makes it more prone to breakage; as a result, the colour of your hair will fade quicker. Take the extra minutes to dry your hair; your hair will thank you for the extra care.

Eat a balanced diet and ensure you are hydrated

As you take care of the outside, you need to take care of the inside; this is where a balanced diet with plenty of water comes in play. Your scalp and hair will look good saving you those extra bills on buying hair repair products from near hairdresser Sydney.  

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