How To Look After Your Limestone Pavers

Limestone is a popular stone used in construction. The history of its use dates back to early civilization with evidence in the Egyptian pyramids and Yiftah El in modern Israel. When it comes to pavers, limestone is one of the best options. It not only looks good but also has a lot of variety. The color options available are numerous and the finishes can augment the look of any exterior space. Limestone is a naturally occurring stone that is mined in different quarries around the world. Every quarry produces rocks that are unique and one quarry can have up to six different types of limestones that vary in colour and composition.

Quality and looks are what set limestone pavers apart from other pavers. Unlike concrete pavers, limestone is an expensive investment. However, the pavers offer the best value for money. They are durable lasting for almost a century and retain the same new, polished, attractive look they have when installed. Whether as a countertop or a flooring tile, limestone never disappoints. Limestone pavers not only meet clients’ needs but also surpass their expectations. With an array of colour options and stunning finishes, what’s there not to like about limestone pavers? Considering limestone pavers are a huge investment, it is crucial to maintain the stone to enjoy years of quality services. Here are a few ways to look after your limestone pavers.


Seal Your Stone

Sealing natural stone a goes a long way in sustaining the quality of the pavers. Sealing enhances the look of limestone pavers and protects them from water absorption, discolouration and harsh environmental conditions. The process of sealing pavers is easy and it can be taken up as a DIY project. However, the manufacturer’s guidelines have to be followed to the latter to ensure a successful seal. Before the sealer can be applied, the pavers have to be cleaned. A broom and a dustpan are enough to get the job done. The sealer is applied liberally to the surface of the pavers to ensure everything is covered. For extensive floorspaces, it’s prudent to get an expert to seal your limestone pavers. After drying the sealer provides years of protection. Water-based sealers last 3-5 years while acrylic sealers last 2-3 years. Although sealing is beneficial, it’s recommended that the process is carried out a year after installation of the pavers.



Clean Your Pavers

One of the cheapest ways to look after limestone pavers is to simply clean them. Pavers are used in patios, driveways, and porches. During fall, leaves cover driveways and porches. If these areas are paved with limestone, the leaves may discolor the pavers. Moreover, if you enjoy meals on the patio, a few crumbs and spills will inevitably land on your limestone pavers. Regular cleaning of the limestone pavers prevents discoloration and staining. All you need to clean your pavers is a neutral cleaner, warm water, soap, and a sponge. Before cleaning its important to sweep and dry mop the pavers. If you see any stain or dirt on limestone pavers, clean it up right away.


Choose The Correct Cleaner

Sometimes efforts to clean pavers may damage the stone. Natural stones like limestone pavers are best cleaned with neutral solutions. Acidic and strong alkaline agents damage limestone pavers. They cause chemical damage that may lead to discoloration and loss of integrity. The effects of different solutions explain why acidic spills like orange juice, tomatoes, and lemonade cause significant discoloration if not cleaned immediately. To test your neutral cleaner, apply it on a piece of paver leftover from your installation. In case of any erosion or discoloration, purchase another cleaner.


limestone pavers


Commercial Maintenance

Limestone pavers are a popular installation in business premises. From parking lots to driveways, limestone pavers offer a beautiful option for welcoming clients into your business premises. However, the more extensive the installation the more difficult it is to maintain it. Commercial maintenance services are a good alternative to keep your pavers in tip-top shape. Commercial maintenance involves regular cleaning and sealing. Ride-on cleaning machines and tough cleaning products are used for high-traffic areas like business parks and malls. The cleaning services are scheduled during both working and after working hours depending on the human traffic in the premises. Commercial maintenance allows you to worry about your business while someone else worries about your limestone paved floor.

Although limestone pavers look good, they can lose their aesthetic appeal over time. More often than not, poor maintenance is the cause of the damage. Considering limestone pavers are a heavy investment, it’s only prudent to invest in maintaining them. Well-maintained limestone pavers retain a magnificent look despite exposure to harsh elements. Good limestone pavers increase the value of a property. Clean and seal your limestone pavers to enjoy years of quality service and stunning looks.


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