How to Kit Out Your Ute!

How to kit out your Ute!

A ute without its accessories is just like a builder not having any tools. It can sometimes be hard to work out exactly what accessories you really NEED for your ute because there are always accessories you just *want* for your ute. It really is a case of not just what you want or need, but what accessories will also go well and look good with your ute.

  • Side Steps – side steps give you easier access to your ute. This is handy if you have to run the kids to school or training, or you have ladder racks or roof racks and you need to be able to reach up and grab stuff. It’s a lot easier to reach up from the step than it is to reach from the ground.
  • Bonnet Protector – while they don’t seem to *do* anything apart from just sitting there, they are a simple accessory that helps protect the bonnet of your ute from any stones that may fly up from the road or car in front. Depending on the make and model of your ute they can also give it a more *polished* appearance.
  • Snorkel – if you don’t ever really leave the city they are there more *for show* a lot of ute owners think their ute looks *tougher* with a snorkel. If you live in the bush or a more country/rural area snorkels are perfect for crossing causeways and creeks, and they can also help provide a cleaner air intake especially when driving along dry and dusty roads.
  • Tray Liner – like those in the Tiger Tough Series tray liners are used to prevent damage to the tray of the ute from day to day activities. They are durable so you can pretty much throw your tools etc. in the tray which is now protected from dents, scratches and spills. They can make your ute look neater and give your ute a touch of style.
  • Roof Racks or Ladder racks – these not only look great, but they are also useful and can increase the carrying versatility of your ute as you can now carry bikes, surfboards, kayaks or luggage on the roof, keeping space free in the tray for other items or your working week tools. Roof racks and ladder racks also give you the ability to carry longer items for work – wood, pipes, ladders etc.
  • Canopy – a canopy makes it super easy for you to store safely and carry all your gear, from work gear to camping gear. A waterproof canopy keeps everything locked securely inside and free from exposure to the elements. You can even sleep in the back if you need to. A canopy when done right adds a lot of style to the back of your ute.
  • Bull bar – bull bars are often made from steel or lighter alloys, and they are there to protect the front of your ute from accidents – from hitting a car to a run in with a kangaroo. Bull bars are ideal for those who love going bush on weekends as you can add a winch, fishing rod holders or even additional lights. If you like camping, or weekends away a bull bar is a must have for those trips away.
  • Tow Bar – the tow bar is, without a doubt the *holy grail* when it comes to accessories for your ute. When you have a tow bar added to your ute it opens up a whole new range of possibilities, and you can now tow a caravan, trailer, boat, jet ski etc. Even if you don’t tow anything regularly, having a tow bar added to your ute means it is there if you ever need it.
  • Floor mats – though not as exciting as some other accessories a floor mat is still a needed item, and it helps contain the mess that kids, fellow tradies or yourself bring into the cabin. It’s a lot easier to shake off a floor mat than it is to vacuum up a mess. You can always buy some all-weather heavy-duty rubber mats that you can simply hose off.
  • Driving Lights – you might think the headlights that came with your ute are enough, but extra driving lights are a must have if you plan on adventuring off the road in the dark. Not only are driving lights there for your safety, but they are also great for spotting wildlife.

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