How to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer Holidays


When December starts to sneak up, every adult with small children or teenagers start to feel the pressure of school holidays approaching. With the added need to keep kids active and avoid creating couch potatoes, the need to find engaging, economical and physical activities and programs becomes incredibly attractive.

Public Parks

Depending on the weather of course, local public parks are a great and generally free option to get the kids outdoors. Gone are the days a public park is just a small playground and patch of grass, doing a quick online search and you may discover your local council or government has opened a complex and exciting play equipment or public water park which is perfect for a hot Summer day and for all ages. Pack a picnic, some snacks and gather some friends to head to a local public park for a day packed off adventure on a shoestring budget.


A quiet day at the local library is sometimes much needed for both the kids and adults through the hustle and bustle of the Summer break. It doesn’t cost anything to apply for a library card, which can get children excited about the every-important skill of imagination and reading. It also gives them an opportunity to discover new stories and books, whilst teaching them the responsibility of taking care of them up when it’s time to return them. Some local libraries also hold extra activities and event during the school holidays, ask your local about their programs over the Summer.

Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries are the perfect mix of exposure of fun, education and culture. With exhibitions and showings constantly changing, spending the day out at a museum or gallery can spark imagination and learning for the whole family. Not looking to spend too much money? Lots are free to enter some of the fancy parts needing a ticket.

Local Aquatic Centre

A great idea to fill a day with fun for the whole family is just a trip down to the aquatic centre. With many aquatic centres now being equipped with slides, wave pools and separate babies splash areas, everyone’s needs can be catered for whilst cooling down in the dry season. If you have the time for it, packing a lunch can bring the cost of the day down, but the option to treating yourself to the café or canteen is always a convenient plus.

Kids Holiday Programs

If you are looking for something more structured and group-based fun for your kids, why not investigate some holiday programs which run in your local area. With activities such as Boxing, Dance, Gymnastics, Basketball or Soccer, team-based sports are a great way for children to make friends, learn the fundaments or team sports and gain a new skill.

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  1. Thanks for your great advice about kids holiday. Kids can start to become restless over their holiday break, so it is essential to strategy activities ahead of time to have them engaged and entertained.

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