How to Effectively Remove Termites in Spring

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Springtime means longer days, warm weather, and more time outdoors. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t get the chance to enjoy during these times because they spend it dealing with termite infestation in their home. Out of all the potential pests, termites are the worst because they can cause big structural damage to your house. So, it is very important that you get rid of termites in spring before they make a colony and cost you thousands.

Effective Methods to Get Rid of Termites in Spring

While the process of termites’ removal in Spring takes time, the faster you discover the problem, the lesser the damage it may cause. You can try the following methods of termites’ removal in spring:

How to Effectively Remove Termites in Spring

Liquid termite barrier

This method is like hitting two birds with one stone because it is not only preventative, but it can also kill the termites which are already present in your house. A liquid termite barrier can poison the termites upon contact and it is completely undetectable by termites, so they can’t avoid it. It can also guarantee multiple effects because it can be spread by contact so the whole colony will be poisoned through a single affected termite.

Direct chemical treatment

Unlike the other methods of termites’ removal in spring that can be used in the spraying the perimeter of the area, the direct chemical treatment can be sprayed inside the house. You can take care of termites right away once you see them in the walls, rafters, and attic.

Boric acid

This can kill termites within a few minutes as it is theorized that Boric acid damages their metabolic and digestive system. The best thing about Boric acid too is that they contain much lower toxicity than the other stronger insecticides you can find in the market.

Baiting system

Termites usually live in the soil and enter the house from the ground, therefore, you can get rid of termites in the spring by treating the soil around your house. Monitor the bait stations regularly because their effectiveness diminishes if they’re not checked regularly. You can make this method even better if it’s used in conjunction with a mixture or chemical barrier.

Professional Pest control services

If you don’t want to exert effort or spend the time to get rid of termites in Spring then a professional pest management can help you. The pest control services might be the best solution to get rid of them forever, so you can enjoy warm weather during Springtime to the fullest. They’re experts when it comes to describing, assessing and evaluating the extent or severity of termite infestation.

Of course, we all don’t want termites infesting our home. Though they’re not actually dangerous to us as they’re not venomous and don’t usually bite people, termite infestation requires a lot of money to repair the damage to our property. The best way to save you from spending much is to get rid of termites in spring before the problem becomes worse.

So, now that you know the best methods of termites’ removal in spring, but how can you stop them from coming back and damaging your property? Given how costly the damage can be, it is better to reduce the risks of getting a termite infestation. Just like in most problems, an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure. There are many ways to get rid of termites in spring but to prevent them from coming back, the best thing that you can do is to have your house properly checked occasionally.

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