How to Create a Focal Point in Any Interior

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A focal point in your living room is that spot where everyone’s eyes land when they enter the room. Think of the focal point as either the fireplace, artwork, window, chandelier, picture, wallpaper, or window. It makes your house look and feel well arranged, and this is important for comfort and homeliness. 

Many people erroneously think that the sitting arrangement in the living room has to face the focal point. In fact, you can have a focal point to face the other direction when people are sitting. Otherwise, it can feel like a constant distraction. It is also possible to create one large focal point and a few other smaller ones. The following are tips for you. 

Use Beams of Rustic Wood in the Ceiling 

Wood is naturally appealing to look at. Have six, seven or eight beams running across the ceiling. Avoid overlapping them because that is confusing. Consider having them arranged tastefully so that they point to the central position just above your TV. If you can make them meet at one end, then that will be a finishing touch.  

Lighting Fixtures

Invest in a beautiful lighting fixture such as a floor lamp or a chandelier. Light is naturally attractive to the eye and people will love to admire it. Ensure that the light is set to medium or low so that it does not burn the eyes when you look at it. A hanging chandelier makes the room feel and seem bigger than it actually is. 

Use Wallpaper 

Does your wall look dull, boring and bare? Add bold wallpaper to increase focus on it. Dramatic wallpaper that emphasizes your personality will look good when there are a couple of hangings or paintings placed around. For a more dramatic effect, choose to have a large shiny oval or round mirror in the middle of the wallpapered wall.

Use Photographs

If your wall is dull and listless, use a gallery made of photographs to create a focal point in your home design. Choose one large photo that contains all members of the family and have it framed. Next, arrange several smaller photographs around the large one. Whenever a person looks at the gallery, eyes will be attracted to the large focal point in the middle.

Potted Trees and plants

The green luscious look and feel of plants are appealing to the mood of humans. Use a combination of plants to make a focal point. Have three plants in three different sizes from the same species. Place the potted plants dramatically in order of size. The smaller plant should be on one end, the medium one in the middle and the large one at the other end. 

Use Unique Features

Have you ever walked into a room and saw a large skull of a dead animal? That is an example of a striking focal point that uses unique features. Another example is a large globe made of wire, metal, and plastic. These rustic objects make the room light up with admiration, as they are mainly unexpected to see. 


Feel free to experiment with items that are out of the ordinary. It is not every day that you walk in a house and see a hanged musical instrument such as a large drum or a rustic looking guitar.

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