How to Choose The Right Vintage Wedding Dress

How to Choose The Right Vintage Wedding Dress

Whether it is for sentimental reasons, or you want to be unique, there are several motivating factors for choosing a vintage wedding dress for your big day.


Why go Vintage?

One of the most commonly cited reasons for wearing such bridal gowns is the sentiment. As a bride, you might want to wear the dress that your mother, or even grandmother, wore for their grand occasion. In this regard, vintage gowns provide a history and nostalgic classiness that modern bridal dresses can’t offer.


Another reason for choosing vintage dresses is their rarity. These gowns are usually made with gorgeous handmade fabrics that would cost a fortune to replicate in the modern era.


Furthermore, vintage dresses offer a break from the monotony of traditional bridal dresses. There is a high probability that the vintage bridal gown you wear for your wedding is the only of its kind. Essentially, it is like owning a bespoke outfit acquired at a pocket-friendly price.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Vintage Wedding Dress

Now that you have decided to go for a vintage wedding dress, the next step is identifying the perfect fit. Here are some consideration factors to assist you in picking the right dress for your wedding day.



Fabrics wear out with time; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a vintage dress in a near perfect condition. It all depends on how the dress was conserved. You should check your dress of choice to avoid paying for an item that is stained, torn or damaged in any other way as a result of poor storage.


Quality Choose the right Vintage Wedding Dress

If the dress is good but has minor imperfections, check whether it can be repaired without changing its outlook. Such restoration work should only be entrusted to an experienced tailor to avoid ruining the dress even further.


The Fit

Depending on your preference, you may either want a tight-fitting or a flowing wedding dress. That said, it is worth noting that most women from the 20th century tended to marry younger and were inclined towards tight-fitting outfits. This makes it considerably difficult for modern-day brides to find a suitable fit from the old era.


The Fit Choose the right Vintage Wedding Dress

Additionally, sizing has changed significantly over the years. Older dresses are often small in fit. What is considered ‘medium-sized’ in the current era might have been ‘large’ in the 1900s.


The Cost


The Cost Choose the Right Vintage Wedding Dress

The price of a wedding dress is mainly dependent on its condition. A dress that has been well maintained will cost more than one that appears dated. You should also go for a dress that requires little or no modifications because these are only going to increase the overall cost of the gown.


When you go shopping for a vintage wedding dress;

• Know your measurements – this is particularly important if you plan to buy in online stores. You must be aware of your neck, bust, hip and thigh measurements. If you want a long-sleeved gown, you need to know your cuff measurements too.

• Try before buying – this is the main reason why it is preferable to go shopping physically instead of online. Trying out the dress allows you to know whether it fits as well as the level of comfort it offers. After all, you don’t want a dress that will make you uncomfortable on your wedding day.


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