How to Choose the Right Property Styling Company

Property Styling

If you are looking to sell your property, styling is essential to your preparation. Property styling is the process of enhancing the aesthetics of your property to present it at its full potential. The objective is to persuade a potential buyer to close the deal.

Although you can style your property, it’s not advisable since professionals often deliver better results. Besides, it’s a small investment compared to the enormous margins you will bag when your property sells.

Nonetheless, the biggest challenge is selecting the right property styling company. There’s a long list of companies in the property styling industry. However, only a few can meet your needs. Here are a few tips to help you what to look for in a property styling company.


The outcome determines the performance of any company. Property stylists that deliver consistently good results are often the best choice. You can determine good outcomes by the number of sales achieved by the company.

Another way to access the outcome of a property stylist is by going through their catalogue of past jobs. Good work doesn’t need a keen eye to notice.

Years of Operation

Experience is the best marker for a good company. Only a company that delivers quality services and products can stay in operation for a long time. A property styling company with years to its name is reliable. Moreover, the company has a better understanding of the market and styling trends. They know what works and what doesn’t.

Customer Reviews

If you want a better understanding of a company, listen to the customers. Customer reviews give firsthand experiences of how a property stylist delivers on their work. The reviews are often non-bias and cover several functions of a company.

You can find customer reviews on a company’s website or online communities. The former has the risk of displaying feedback that only presents the company in good light. Independent review websites offer the most reliable feedback. Nonetheless, go through several reviews before making your choice.


Professionals in a company contribute heavily to performance. Therefore, a company with experienced and trained personnel is far much superior to its competitors. A quick review of the personnel can give a general outlook of a company’s competence and the quality of their services.

Companies with an elite team often post their credentials on their website. The bigger the pool of experts, the more confident you can be of good outcomes.

Value for Money

Pricing is always a good indicator of quality. The saying ‘cheap is expensive’ holds water in the property styling industry. If you go for a cheap stylist, the service outcome will probably match the value of your investment. As a result, your property will stay in the market for longer and accrue more expenses.

On the other hand, a good investment in property styling is likely to close a deal faster and save you the opportunity costs. Nonetheless, it’s also essential to know when service is overpriced. You can check market estimates from customer reviews to discern when a quote is too high or suspiciously low.

Ask for Referrals

If you are still undecided after doing thorough research, you can ask for a referral. Agents and homeowners who have successfully sold properties will give the most reliable referrals. Nonetheless, ask several people to expand your options and tally who gets the most referrals.

Despite numerous companies offering property styling services, there are only a few who can make you close the deal with a potential owner. Therefore, choose wisely.

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