How to Choose the Best Shed for a Workshop

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Is it time for you to invest in a workshop shed? How big or small do you want it to be? The size of your yard is perhaps the most important thing to consider. Here are the next most critical determining factors to consider when choosing the right one. Understand these carefully, and you will set yourself up for success. 

How You Intend to Use the Shed

Many people have recently realized how versatile a shed in the yard can be. Apart from just storage, you can buy one that you can work in. As far as it is big enough, well-lit and ventilated, it could soon be your new office. You will need shelves for keeping supplies, storage cabinets for storing power tools, space for a working bench and room to move around. 

Apart from length and width, consider the height of the workshed too. You could have attic storage when the height is enough. The kind of work that you do, your career and lifestyle will, therefore, determine the shape of the shed. You could have pocketed walls to slide in hand tools such as spanners and pliers easily. 

What Will the Workshop Shed Hold?

Do you plan to bring heavy equipment and motorized appliances such as a motorcycle? Then invest in a highly durable and robust shed. These prized possessions will need so much protection from the harsh Australian weather, vandals and fire, among other common risks. Steel sheds bring the solution to these challenges as it is both strong and durable. 

Natural timber looks like a good option when building a workshop shed. However, it may not have the same advantages that a steel one has. Besides, you can have the insides of the steel walls padded to reduce heat when working inside it. Alternatively, have it air-conditioned to keep the inside cool and comfortable to spend time in. 

Have Some Room for Growth

Do you predict the need for a larger garden shed in the near future? Why not build one for the future today? You may need to bring more equipment to handle more technical work. At the same time, your business may expand so much that you need more room for extra technicians to handle more client requests. 

For these reasons, consider building or buying a specific garden shed. It may cost higher upfront, but it is far much better than being forced to tear down a smaller one to make way for a larger one in the foreseeable future. 

Community Regulations

What are the regulations around building new structures in your area? Many localities in Australia will need a registration on the intention to build a shed with the local construction authorities. Additionally, they may require you to adhere to certain building codes and policies regarding size, material, and even colour. 

Do your homework carefully before assembling the structure. This will set you up for success. For example, some authorities have limits for the size, say no more than 2% of the size of your property. There may be additional covenants, conditions, and restrictions that you may be forced to observe. 


There are usually no standard sizes of workshop sheds that fit for all homeowners. Generally, a 12-foot x 12-foot shed could be suitable for a large compound. On the other hand, an 8-foot x 8-foot shed is ideal for a medium-sized yard.

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