How Prosthodontist Sydney Can Help With Full Mouth Restoration?

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Do you live in Sydney? Have you lost multiple teeth due to an accident, injury, or any other reason? Are you looking for the best Prosthodontist Sydney to replace your missing teeth? A Prosthodontist can help you treat complex dental problems with a combination of various procedures if required.

Full mouth restoration can help in correcting issues, such as multiple damaged or missing teeth that are causing discomfort and difficulty in chewing. Getting full mouth restoration is something that many patients go for in various different circumstances. Moreover, different procedures are used depending on the complexity of the patient’s dental condition, needs, and budget.

Do you know when you need full mouth restoration?

You may consider undergoing a full mouth restoration procedure if you are facing a combination of these dental problems.

  • Multiple damaged or broken teeth
  • Wear and tear to multiple teeth due to various reasons, such as bruxism, medical conditions, or diet
  • Feeling jaw and facial pain as a result of malocclusions or muscle tension

If you are experiencing such kinds of dental problems, you may consult Prosthodontist Sydney for a wide range of smile makeover solutions and get the desired results. The Prosthodontist develops a treatment plan depending on various factors with the aim to restore your complete smile. He/she focuses on customised aesthetic and functional improvement of your smile.

What to expect from full mouth restoration?

As we have said earlier that full mouth restoration may involve various procedures based on the dental condition of the patient. Some of these procedures include dental veneers, crowns, bridges, implants, TMJ, and periodontal therapy.

Prosthodontist Sydney first examines your mouth using advanced dental technology, such as imaging. It will help him/her to determine the most suitable treatments to address your specific dental concerns and needs. In some cases, patients may require a variety of treatments to achieve a complete smile restoration.

The Prosthodontist will also advise you of the associated timeline for the treatment. If you are looking for correcting your aesthetic and functional issues, you must consult Prosthodontist Sydney as earliest as possible and learn everything about different treatment options for your full mouth restoration goals.

Treatment Options for full mouth restoration

When your dental health is in great trouble due to extensive wear and tear or due to the results of oral diseases, you may need to consider a wide-ranging restoration of your smile. This situation requires attention immediately to avoid any further damage to your teeth and mouth.

Initially, there is a possibility that you will be overwhelmed to plan to upgrade your smile with a full mouth restoration. But, when you get to know that various dental treatments are involved in complete smile restoration, don’t get afraid. Prosthodontist Sydney will make the entire process comfortable, safe, and smooth. He/she knows how to treat patients with a fear of pain and anxiety.

The number of treatment options will be suggested to you depending on the number of missing teeth as well as the level of damage to your surrounding teeth. You require making sure that you understand the complete treatment plan so that you know what to expect and how things will be gone.

Dental Implants, full/partial dentures, dental bridges, dental crowns, and dental veneers are treatment options used for full mouth restoration. In addition to these options, other treatments may also involve addressing other dental issues, such as teeth grinding, TMJ disorder, and periodontal disease.

Do you know that there are various myths that could be the reasons for damaging your teeth? Due to these myths, you may get into a situation where you require undergoing full mouth restoration.

Myths that can lead to damaging your teeth

There is a high possibility that when you are dealing with certain dental issues, you do not visit the dentist soon until the situation becomes worse. You will follow the tips and guidance given on the internet or by well-meaning people. Do you know that many of these tips might be ineffective and harmful to your teeth?

That’s why it is always advised to discuss your dental condition with a qualified Prosthodontist Sydney. Some of these myths that should be taken care of include:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day is a good practice, but using activated charcoal increases the risk of wear and tear, decay, irritation in gums, and in some cases lead to infection.
  • Another myth is the practice of oil pulling. Swishing coconut oil around your mouth for a few minutes does not have any scientific proof. Just because you are using natural material or it was practiced in ancient times does not mean it is safe to use in this manner.
  • Vigorously brushing your teeth can clean your mouth. This myth does not work at all as it is always advised to brush your teeth gently for 2 minutes for a thorough clean.
  • Some people claim that flossing is not necessary. Always keep in mind that just like brushing, flossing is also an essential part of cleaning your teeth.

Final Words

After getting this information about full mouth restoration, if you are experiencing such kinds of dental issues and require the treatment, wait no more. Just visit Prosthodontist Sydney, replace your missing teeth and get your dream smile.

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