How Body Corporates Can Protect Strata Communities from Coronavirus

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In the event of the Coronavirus outbreak, many people have had to live, work and study from home to maintain government guidelines on social distance. It has affected most people living in Strata Community schemes in Australia. They have a legal responsibility to make sure the property is maintained in a safe condition and have a duty of care to all its residents. Body corporations have had to provide protective measures to minimise potential threats of infection.

Some Preventative Measures to be followed

Owner Corporations have a responsibility for providing clear and timely communication with the Strata Community members which is key for managing COVID-19.

Tenants who are positive for the coronavirus infection and are in quarantine at home can have cleaning services of their lots organized by body corporations to avoid the spread of the virus.

Body corporations could limit the number of people in common areas like lifts, entertainment areas, lobby areas, in-door entertainment areas and recreational rooms or restrict access to allow for professional-level disinfecting to get rid of any germs.

Body corporations need to provide signage as posters to communicate restrictions and hygiene practices with owners that are present in playgrounds and gyms. This will protect the next wave of people who use them.

Body Corporate Meetings

The facilities that are hosting body corporate meetings should be properly cleaned, this is including wiping tables and door handles with sanitiser. The sanitiser is placed on all entrances and exits with clear instructions reminding everyone to maintain hygiene, avoiding facial contact and touching other people as well. 

Most meetings have now had to be held virtually via video and telephone conferencing. It is an advantage in case one or more of the members has had any flu-like symptoms or has been travelling in the last 14 days. It is recommended they be quarantined for the 14 days and tested. It will help maintain social media guidelines as well.

Communal Facilities

Body corporates have taken steps to ensure barbecues and gymnasiums, which pose a higher risk of illness for residents and visitors, are implementing infection control cleaning to combat the threat of coronavirus.

Physical cleanliness of a strata property doesn’t just involve removing grime and dust but outbreak cleaning, which focuses on destroying germs by killing airborne pathogens rendering mutations and germ spread such as common cold and flu impossible.

Ventilation is also important as COVID-19 can spread through recycled air in confined spaces. Open windows, doors, and preventing too many people from gathering in one area at a time all can limit the airborne germs that each person encounters.


Owners have a responsibility to protect the residents of the community and ensure proper health guidelines are followed. Body corporations should confirm which common property facilities are allowed to be open in your state. Keeping things clean, maintaining social distancing procedures, and limiting unnecessary gatherings will go a long way in limiting the spread of the coronavirus in the strata.

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