Hairstyling Trends to Try

Are you sick of the same old look? 2018 has seen some outrageous and not so outrageous hairstyles and trends come back into fashion and most of them are quite easy to achieve on your own or the help of your hairdressers. Some old favourites are back and some new styles are on the horizon. So let’s take a look at some hair trends to try this season.



Yes, that’s right scrunchies. The 90’s are back and scrunchies are in. So go to your mum’s house and dig through the cupboards in your old room and find some scrunchies. Or you could always take the easy route and go buy some. There are some great looking scrunchies on the market. It’s such a simple and easy way to do your hair. In fact, this season is mostly about simplicity.


Natural Curls

Let your natural curls shine this season. There is no need to waste your time straightening your hair anymore. Not to mention all the damage you’re doing. Avoid brushing your hair and let it run its natural course. It’s totally in right now and will make your life a lot easier.


Dirty Blonde

A-listers are loving the dirty blonde and embracing it. Everyone from Selena Gomez to Miley Cyrus are going for the dirty blonde look. There’s no need to redye your roots anymore. Dark roots cascading into a beautiful golden blonde is hot right now. Gone are the days of bleaching the smithereens out of your hair and causing more damage than you have to. Embrace your dark side.


Big Hair

The bigger the better. The 80’s style of big and bouncy hair is back. Get the blow dryer out and brush that bush into a wall of hair. Although don’t go too overboard with rollers and all that jazz. Keep it sassy, keep it simple and you will be the belle of the ball. Or disco. Do discos still exist? Oh well.


Wet Look

The wet look is back. But not the style in Robert Palmer’s simply irresistible music video. The modern wet look is a bit looser. Wet curls are also in this season. So apply some product and keep it moist and free.



The schoolyard favourite is back. They don’t have to be perfect either. Keep them loose and a little bit messy, with a bit of bad girl sass thrown in for good measure.



Head scarfs have been back in fashion for a few years now and 2018 is no different. It’s a good excuse for shopping and thrift stores and hopefully, find something unique and interesting. It’s all in the way you tie as well. Keep it flat on your head as not to appear too nanna like.


Bobs with a Straight Fringe

One my favourites, the bob is back. I love the bob because it’s low maintenance and looks cute even when it’s messy. A nice straight fringe will frame your face and complete your cute sassy new look if you have the right face shape for it. Try cutting the fringe in an uneven manner to add a little bad girl to look. Bobs don’t always have look cute and dainty. A little bit of texture goes a long way.



Hairpieces and jewellery are a great way to add an element of chic to your look. A simple part laden with some jewellery will have you sparkling in the night and shining in the day.


The Bed Hair Look

Ladies rejoice. The “bed hair look” back. Yep, less is more, like you just had a romp with a gorgeous fella or lady. A nice and messy low loose ponytail will do the trick. So let loose and don’t worry too much about your hair. Models are strutting down the runway like they have just hit the sheets. Too easy!


Buzz Cut

This one is not for the faint-hearted or people with weird shaped heads. It’s a tough one to pull off and by the time you find out that you can’t pull it off, it’s too late. If you think you have the face and the head shape to pull it off, go for it. It’s a liberating experience and will save you time effort and money on hair care products. Maybe wait for the summer to try this style.



Silver hair is in. Well, anything metallic from clothes to jewellery and hair is no different. The glossier the better. But whatever you do, don’t go with natural grey if you’re heading that way. You need to sparkle ladies.

Here are a few hairstyles that are hot right now. Don’t be afraid to be bold in 2018 and jump in deep, head first. Your hairdresser knows your hair better than anyone and will know what will and won’t work for you. So pop on in and have a chat.

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