Hairstyles for a Square Face

Hairstyles for a Square Face

The ideal face shape, according to industry experts, is the oval shape. That means people with other shapes often feel self-conscious and unattractive. Fortunately, given the right hairstyle and accessories, any face shape can be softened into a workable imitation of the oval shape. For square faces, the trick is to soften hard edges.

If you’re unsure whether your face is square, you could use the camera on your phone to confirm it. Push your hair out of your face, then take a plain, close quarters selfie. Don’t smile for the picture, because it will bring out your cheekbones and widen your face. Once you’ve taken the photo, you could print it out or move it to sketch app on your phone.

Using a pencil or a drawing tool on your app, mark the edges of your face and see the shape it forms. For a square face, you may notice that the length and width of your face are the same, especially when you push your hair back. Your jaw and cheeks may be prominent.

If you’re still unsure, check your face against known stars with square faces. They include Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, and Keira Knightley. All three are considered among the prettiest women in the world, so don’t count your square face as a flaw.

The trick is to use gradual transitions in your hairdo. Sudden boundaries will sharpen the angles of your face. If you’re cutting your hair, choose something asymmetric, or a style with layers. They round out your face by creating unexpected curves. Regarding colour, a gradual fade works better than clear definition between the colours.

If you’re getting a dye job, ask your stylist if they can colour individual locks of hair, so that the overall effect is a blended mix rather than distinctly coloured patches. Texture is helpful as well. Keep the roots of your hair soft and wavy so that they curl away from your scalp. For the edges, curve them around your cheek and chin to soften your jawline.

Bangs are a good way to make angular faces more gentle. Choose the right type of bangs though. Straight bangs will make your face look sharper, and blunt bangs make your jawline stronger. Instead, try distinct asymmetric bangs that fall more to the side. These will dampen the effect of a broad, square forehead. Make sure the bangs aren’t too thick.

An off-kilter parting is also helpful in softening a strong forehead, so avoid centre partings. You can even draw attention slightly to the side using a well-placed hair ornament like a flowered barrette.  For your jawline, try wearing your hair longer at the cheeks and chin.

You might also choose to keep your hair straight and grow it down to your shoulders since a short pixie cut might make your face look more square. Curls and waves are good, whether it’s a loose, tousled look or pliant curls.

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