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Winter weather makes us crave warm spaces and cosy corners, so your winter birthday girl or boy might want nothing more than to curl up by the fire and heat things up. If you can give them that, then go for it. But if they have to be at work – or go about the business of being a productive citizen on their birthday, maybe you can warm them up with a gift instead. Or you could brighten their day with a beach-themed (indoor) birthday party.

Be sure to use lots of bright yellows and stimulating oranges, and to keep the air conditioner set at seaside temperatures. It’s the only way you’ll convince anyone to wear shorts, sundresses, and sandals in the middle of winter. It’ll be a lot of fun though, for everyone. Throw in a barbeque and beach snacks to help everyone forget the dreary weather outside.

Hot beverages

In terms of gift hampers, buy something for your birthday girl or boy can use throughout the chilly season. The Coffee Break hamper is a good choice, because it gives an instant jolt, both in body heat and attention spans. It’ll help them perk up at work, and give them a reason to get out of their warm cosy bed and face the world. The gift basket contains ground coffee and chocolate coated coffee beans from Byron Bay. It also contains baked Florentines and a hug mug designed by Robert Gordon, available in charcoal black.

If your recipient is more a of tea person, get them a hamper of Cosy Tea or Tea for One. They have not just tea, but also tea accessories. The Cosy Tea hamper – for example – has a Fresska tea flask made of bamboo, fluffy grey socks, a flower diffuser, and Life of Cha purified tea. On the other hand, Tea for One has a teapot with a matching cup and saucer, plus a pack of melting moments to go with your tea.

Loving hands

Hand-crafted gifts get a lot of slack because they seem to downplay quality. Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but sometimes DIY gifts are a last-minute attempt to hide the fact that you forgot the birthday. And while misshapen amorphous gifts from kids are adorable, they’re just sad when you get them from adults. So before you decide to make someone’s birthday gift from scratch, put some careful thought into it.

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You could, for example pick something immensely simple, with ‘for dummies’ instructions that anyone can follow. A home-made candle is a good choice, because all you do is pour it into a pretty bottle. Or you could buy a model plane, house, car, house, or jigsaw that you can work on together as you pass a cold winter’s day indoors. On the other hand, if you already have skills in sewing, knitting, or crocheting, you can make them a sweater, scarf, hat, gloves, and socks. Just be sure they’re in colours they like, and have no grandma patterns or prints.

Warm their blood

If you’re particularly cheeky, and if your friendship can survive the suggestion that they’re ‘fat’, you could buy your friend a gift that will keep them warm all season – the gift of exercise. We don’t get snow in Australia, so it’s still possible to do outdoor sports. You could buy them a bike, fitness trainers, a fitness watch, and a music player to get them cycling or jogging. Just be prepared to join them if they call you out on it.

Alternatively, buy them a subscription to a gym or fitness studio. Make sure the venue offers sports your friend is already interested in – or would be willing to try. You can sign them up for spin class, yoga, Zumba, or some other choreographed activity. If you want them to lift weights, cough up the extra dough for a personal trainer. They often cost more than the gym subscription itself, but offer better results than waffling around the gym on your own.

Spa treatment

Beauty make-overs are a good gift for any occasion, but may not do much during winter. After all, you spend most of it bundled up in unflattering layers of clothing so there’ll be nowhere to show off your new look. Still, your birthday boy or girl can enjoy a holistic treatment. Low winter temperatures can dry out your skin and frizz your hair, so offer them a full face and body mud bath, steaming, exfoliation, and deep tissue massage. The package can also come with a manicure, pedicure, and detoxification. Make it a treat-for-two and you can get in on the action and pamper yourself too.

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