Gifts Perfect to Comfort Your Loved One

When someone you care about is dealing with intense (negative) feelings or some kind of disaster, comfort food always lifts their spirits. Go visit them with some chocolate cake, deep fried dish, ice cream, pizza, or beer. Yes, these are all high calorie items, but you can always run a lap when you’re done. Or put on some music and dance off those pounds – because exercise is an equally great (if more exhausting) way to improve your mood.

Another option is to buy an ultimate hampers filled with their preferred snacks of solace. Gift basket options really depend on the reason your recipient needs comfort. They may be recovering from an illness, mourning a loved one’s passing, or getting over a lost job. If they’re bereaved, they’re probably dealing with house guests, legal documents, or settling their beloved’s estate. They’ll need a coffee break, probably more than one.

Pep in a cup

The Coffee Break gift hamper contains a free gift card, so you can take your recipient shopping and have them select an item of their choice. The rest of the hamper has a Hug Mug to warm them up inside when you’re not there to hug them in person. The basket also has ground coffee and chocolate-covered coffee beans. They can enjoy their cuppa joe with Kez Florentines, also included in your basket of comfort. Plus every time they see or drink out of their mug of hugs, they’ll think of you.

If you’d like to personalize their gift basket, you can add items to it that you know they like. They should be soft and fluffy, preferably in their favourite colours. While it’s considered lazy to gift socks, scarves, or ties, this can be an exception. Get some fluffy socks and scarves so they can curl up in a warm sweater with a drink and soothing music. If you like, you can add a little money to your budget and include their tipple of choice to the basket as an add-on.

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A night out

Your comfort doesn’t always have to be a tangible gift. You could offer condolences in the form of a treat. Get them out of their dreary house for a few hours to take their mind off things. Take them to an activity they enjoy, like the movies, a concert, or a sporting event. While they’re away, you could hire a professional cleaning service to make their house spotless. Alternatively, you could offer to watch their kids (or pets) so your friends can go out and get some much needed couple’s time or solo time.

It doesn’t have to be a night. You could take the day off yourself then offer to do their chores. While you run their errands and handle the little (and big things), send them off to the spa for a full body treat including, hair, skin, steaming, and massage. You could throw in a full make-over so they can shed some of their emotional weight and feel like a new person. If you’re up to it, you can extend your ‘helper’ role by driving their kids to school / activities for a week, giving their parents much needed room to breathe.

Helping them move on

It’s not just bereavement that can take away a loved one. Divorce can be pretty painful too, and your friends will need help healing. Long before you start setting them up or guiding them back into the dating game, you can buy them a Comfort Basket from Circle of Friends. They have dozens of themed baskets for healing, peace, health, and more. Their Comfort basket has an aqua blanket in soft, soothing polyester.

A calming candle scented in green tea and inscribed with figures holding hands plus the brand name, for added solace. It can burn up to 70 hours. The basket has a book of prayers and poetry, and five special charms you can attach to pendants or key chains. Tie everything off with a natural sack of sandalwood lavender soap. It’s an exfoliant that you can shower, shave, or wash up with, and contains essential oils, herbal fragrance, and butter for moisturizing purposes.

Circle of Friends also has a ‘giggle basket’. The bereaved often feel they’ve forgotten how to laugh, and they may feel guilty when they do. But warmth and mirth is the best way to restore their broken hearts. Offer them a hamper filled with almonds covered in chocolate. The gift basket has a cheeky plaque that reads, ‘I am a woman, I am invincible, I am tired’. It also has heart-shaped soap, a warm red mug, an adult colouring book, and happy tea.

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