Why You Should Get a Car Detail before Your Christmas Road Trip


Christmas road trips are so much fun and a yearly tradition! Trips to Byron with your mates, holidays to Echuca with the kids, and even the haul from Melbourne to Adelaide are all highly recommended when everyone has time off work and study to take a break.

When you’re planning your Chrissy road trip, you’ll probably be thinking about the regular things on your checklist that you need to tick off before making the trip: camping gear, portable stove, food and supplies, clothes, first aid kit. You’ll be thinking about what you need to get the car ready too. Are the tyres balding? How is your wheel alignment? Have the oil and water been checked?

What you might not be thinking about before going on your road trip is detailing your car. “Isn’t the car just going to get dirty on my trip, why would I detail it now?” I can practically hear you saying it through the screen!

The truth of the matter is that before a road trip is a perfect time to detail your car. You probably haven’t had your car detailing done in a while. Perhaps if you are very up to date with your detailing services, then you can wait until after your trip to give it your next detail. But for most of us who can’t remember the last time we had our cars detailed before your road trip is an even better idea.


So why’s this? Isn’t it just going to get dirtier? Well yes, this is true of course. However, you will have a better baseline to be working from than if you hadn’t had your car detailed. A car detail doesn’t only clean your car but it also protects it too. This means that the battering it will get on your car trip won’t be half as bad as it would be if you hadn’t detailed it.

Detailing your car before your road trip helps to protect it from dirt and damage when you set out on the road. If you find that at the end of your trip it’s in a bit of a state again, you can go for another detail. If you go without detailing your car in advance, you might find that you’ve done yourself some damage on the course of your trip – and no one wants that!

There are plenty of car detailers around, so choosing the best one is something to consider. There is now car detailing companies that can come to your home or workplace so that you don’t have to wait around for hours while someone details your car. Everyone’s time is very valuable, so these type of mobile servicing is a blessing. You simply call up and make an appointment, and they’ll come to you. Meet the mobile detailer at the start of the appointment, and while you work or hang out at home, they will detail your car. At the end of the detailing your car will be detailed like you, and you won’t have had to have gone out of your way to get it done – score!

Every road trip that you go on is going to give your car a bit of a workout, so you need to get it in tip-top shape before you leave. Making sure it’s protected from the outside is even as important as making sure that it is running smoothly on the inside. Consider a car detailing service before you head off on that road trip and you’ll soon be telling your friends about your brand new insider knowledge from road trips away.

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