Gas or Charcoal BBQs  – How to Choose

Charcoal BBQs

Getting the right BBQ means more than finding the device that will allow you to make the most of your summer. It means you have a resource that enhances your culinary tastes while meeting your aesthetic preferences. Therefore, it is important to carefully research and consider the device specifications you most want before browsing through a store’s stock options. Creating this list of requirements beforehand streamlines your trip to the shop and ensures you pick the best BBQ available.

One of the key features defining the differences between BBQ types is the energy source. Different models use different fuels. As a result, each variation produces results that carry significant and subtle differences. Therefore, most manufacturers base their BBQ models on two main fuel sources: gas and charcoal. Each type presents various pros and cons that will sway your decision based on your preferences and desired outcomes.

So, here are the key matters to consider that will help you choose the right BBQ.


Charcoal barbeques tend to be more pocket friendly. Most stockists offer the bulk of charcoal BBQ models for less than $500, although some go for more. On the other hand, gas BBQ costs vary significantly because of the complicated nature of their design. These prices range between $50 to $100 for lower-end models and over $5000 for the higher-end types.

Ease of use

Using a gas BBQ is indisputably easier than charcoal. Its operation requires nothing more than lighting the BBQ and setting the temperature before it is ready for meal preparation. On the other hand, preparing a charcoal BBQ takes more effort and diligence as you have to take specific steps to set the coal alight, allow sufficient time for it to get up to temperature, and figure out the right way to control the temperature. For a novice, this process can be daunting and frustrating.

Smoking meats and other foods

In this case, charcoal holds a clear advantage over gas. There is nothing like the smoky flavour that using charcoal imparts on food. In addition, opting for charcoal helps you execute the process of wood-smoking more accurately and effectively- an often impossible effect to achieve when using gas.

Temperature regulation

Temperature regulation differs significantly between gas and charcoal BBQs. As mentioned above, it is more difficult to control the temperatures on a charcoal BBQ. Doing so requires a delicate balance of air venting, charcoal quantities and proper placement, not to mention paying close attention to the device and its contents. Conversely, regulating the temperatures within a gas barbeque only requires you to set the desired level on the dials based on the BBQ model range you own.


Gas barbeques are easier to clean than charcoal. The primary source of this difference is soot- a by-product of burning charcoal. Clearing away the sooty residue that accumulates while using a charcoal BBQ takes a lot of effort. However, since gas doesn’t produce this substance, cleaning up after cooking with this variation remains straightforward and easily achieved.

These are some of the primary attributes highlighting the differences between gas and charcoal BBQs. Therefore, it is crucial to consider them carefully before deciding which type of BBQ to purchase.

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