Gas Heating Options That Will Improve Your Décor

Gas Heating Options That Will Improve Your Décor

Keeping your home warm and cosy significantly affects how much you enjoy spending time in the house. A warm home embodies the ideal image of safety, security and well-being. Therefore, adequate home heating is an essential consideration.

On the other hand, your fireplace can be more than an appliance. Recent home heating technology advances allow you to extend your creativity to your heater. Manufacturers now offer numerous dual-purpose models. They serve both a useful and an aesthetic purpose. Therefore, you can now have a fireplace that looks good while providing the necessary warmth.

Currently, the most popular heater options are gas heaters. They retain many benefits of wood-fired fireplaces while offering valuable convenience and fewer emissions. In addition, gas heaters are low-maintenance devices (requiring no more than two annual inspections by a health inspector or gas plumber). Moreover, manufacturers design gas heaters to prevent fire hazards and gas leaks. When you combine these advantages with décor-complementing appearances, you understand why they are such an ideal choice.

So, as you plan to install a new fireplace, here are some steps you can follow to find the best gas heater.

Consider Your Space

Since one of your primary objectives is to enhance your décor, you must first consider your space before selecting a gas heater. Most importantly, the dimensions and appearance of your room dictate the size and style of the fireplace you install.

For example, an inbuilt gas fireplace may be the best option if your space is small. Since it fits within the wall, it allows you to preserve your little floor space without interfering with your layout. However, you may have to rearrange your furniture to meet recommended spacing guidelines and maintain optimum airflow.

Explore Various Design Options

There are gas heater models whose appearance mimics traditional wood-burning fireplaces. However, these variants also retain a distinctly modern look with a few small yet significant alterations. Therefore, they are ideal for combining the old-school with the contemporary.

One example is the Nectre Freestanding Gas log fireplace. Its appearance draws from the conventional pot-belly appearance while eliminating the curves and replacing them with defined lines and right angles to match a modern aesthetic. However, its updated appearance still takes on artificial logs that burn like a traditional wood fireplace.

The Nectre has a double-glazed cast iron door and thick steel body that eliminates the need for a safety mesh. Consequently, you enjoy unfettered views of the dancing flames while retaining vital safety parameters. Furthermore, this traditional construction combines seamlessly with a clean, minimalist style (embodied by a chrome-knobbed drop-down door that cleverly hides the heater’s operational buttons and widgets). This combination of features makes the Nectre a true embodiment of versatile fireplace design.

Hopefully, these tips give you more insight into how to select the perfect gas heater to meet your heating and design needs. With extensive exploration and an in-depth look into the options available, you can find a gas fireplace that blends seamlessly with the rest of your interior aesthetic.

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