Functions Of A Strata Manager Within A Body Corporate

Functions Of A Strata Manager Within A Body Corporate

A body corporate is an organisation that is established to streamline the running of strata communities. Body corporate is a collective of owners of individual units within a specific area. The area can be a large piece of land, a real estate development, or even an apartment building; as long as a physical structure is involved. The strata manager, on the other hand, is an individual or company that is hired by the body corporate to oversee the day-to-day running of the body corporate, and in turn, the strata community as a whole.

A strata manager’s functions are wholly dependent on the needs of the body corporate that they serve. Once engaged, the body corporate will set out guidelines for the scope of the strata manager’s purview. These guidelines will then dictate the functions that the manager undertakes. However, most roles of the strata manager are similar and can be boiled down to their being responsible for:


Strata managers are often tasked with the supervision of maintenance tasks and routines within the community. This maintenance includes upkeep as well. They will make sure that common areas are well cared for. The strata manager also serves as the first point of contact between the residents and any repairmen that may be required.


Once a body corporate has been established, standard practice is to write up by-laws that will be filed and used as a reference in the running of the community. With these bylaws in place, the strata manager becomes their enforcer. They have to make sure that residents are aware of the rules and that they are adhered to.

With enforcement comes conflict resolution. A strata manager can also be called upon as a neutral party to settle some disputes when they arise.

Financial Role

A body corporate does have dues and fees that are set upon founding. The role of the strata manager is to certify that these funds are collected and reallocated appropriately. Redistributing of funds is guided by the needs of the community and the priorities of the body corporate. In addition to collecting fees, the strata manager is also tasked with providing an accounting of how these funds are utilised clearly and transparently.

Record Keeping

Whenever meetings are held that affect or are to do with the general running of the community, a strata manager will attend these meetings and keep a record of them. The most important of these meetings are those held by the body corporate; especially when they are called to discuss significant issues that are about the community itself.

This record-keeping is not limited to the meeting minutes. The manager may also be entrusted with keeping a record of details that are to do with the body corporate itself like financial records of each owner, repair and maintenance records for the community as a whole, and even modifications and adjustments that are made around the community.

The functions of a strata manager can be far-reaching. It is indisputable that the strata manager is a vital part of an effective strata community. This should be at the forefront as you consider the employment of strata management services. Your choice will be reflected in the state of your community as it thrives and shines as an example to others.

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