Fun Things to Do Outside During the Holidays

Most parents dread *School holidays* it’s the time of year kids moan about being bored. The good news is there are fun things you can do at home with the kids to keep them entertained. There are a lot of things your children can do outside that are fun – and keeps your house neat and tidy, after all, nothing beats running around the back yard burning off some energy.

10 Outdoor Game Ideas

Game of backyard cricket

Dust off the old cricket bat and tennis ball, you can use an old milk crate or bucket for stumps and the good thing about backyard cricket is you can make up the rules to suit the size of your yard and the ages and numbers of players you have available.

Bubble blowing

Children of all ages (and even adults!) just love blowing bubbles. They are best played outside to avoid any spills and mess indoors – plus if it’s a little windy the kids will love watching the bubbles fly into the sky. You can have competitions, the biggest bubble, one that lasts the longest, the one that flies the farthest. Bubbles are so pretty and can be made just using liquid detergent.

Play capture the flag

This is THE PERFECT outdoors game, especially if you find yourself with half the neighbour’s kids in your yard. Divide all the kids into two teams and give them each a *flag* (it can be any object you like) and have them hide their flag somewhere in the yard – each team then tries to capture the other teams flag – without getting caught!

Clothesline art show

This is a different activity and can include neighbour’s children and other friends. It gets the kids sitting down and being creative – and quiet – and they get to have fun too. The kids can paint or make other crafts with their friends send out invitations for parents and neighbours to view their work, or even offer items for sale. The possibilities are endless and the kids are bound to have fun.

Teach the dog some new tricks

Here you can even get the dog involved in some family fun. Set the kids a challenge to teach the dog a new trick – this could be shaking paws, rolling over, sitting, giving a high five or even twirling around in a circle. It’s good exercise and bonding time for the dog and children.

Make an outdoor tent

Making your own tent in the backyard – especially on a sunny day is a great way to keep bored children occupied. There is something that’s different about creating your own *cubby* out of sheets in the back yard, it also encourages their creativity, and is a lot more fun than putting up a store bought one.

Hula Hooping

There are so many ways a child can play with a hula hoop – from using it as a stencil for drawing on concrete, to skipping through the hoop, or the *traditional* waist, leg and arm spinning. On a positive side, it is also keeping them active and fit.

Make a map

One way to expose your children to maps is to have them sit down and draw a map of either the local area, how they walk to school, or where a friend lives. Map skills can help a child understand distances and time. When the map is finished take your child for a walk and follow the map to see how accurate it is. The walk will be good for both you and your child.

Fun under a sprinkler

If it’s a hot day and you don’t live near a beach or pool (or have a pool) a sprinkler is the perfect way to keep your kids cool – and active! Why not make it more fun and add a game of twister! Your kids will have a lot of fun playing twister, trying to stay upright while getting wet and slippery under the sprinkler – hours of fun!

Treasure hunt

This is a year-round activity that is guaranteed to keep children happy, hide a few bits and pieces around the garden – chocolates, sweets, toys etc. and challenge your children to find one each. Remember – the harder the hunt, the more peace and quiet.

What’s the time, Mr Wolf? When all else fails, this is an age-old classic that never goes out of style. One child is *It* he or she has to stand to face a wall while all the other children have to try and sneak up… if the wolf says *Time to eat you* then everyone runs and *the wolf* has to catch one, once he does the other child is *it*.



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