Freedoms That Only a Ute Can Afford You

Freedoms That Only a Ute Can Afford You

Is there any better car on the road? A ute is everything that you could ever dream of from your motor vehicle transportation and more. It’s about freedom. It’s about the ability to do whatever you want whenever you want. It’s about so much more than just a car…

If you’re already a ute owner you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’ve owned a ute in the past and have a different car right now you’ll have a twang of pain remember the good times you had in your ute. You’ll think “why did I buy this inferior car?”. If you’ve never owned a ute before you’ll be wondering perhaps if it’s as good as all I’m saying. I’m here to tell you that it is.

Owning a ute means that you can go anywhere, do anything.

One of my favourite past times? Cruising the suburbs on rubbish collection during the year seeing if you can pick up any goodies. I have my back porch couch as one of my good finds from the latest rubbish collection. Couldn’t do that without a ute.

Moving house? I’m everyone’s best mate. I don’t even have to help them move. Just lend them my car for a bit. Hand over the keys for the day. They’re happy because they don’t have to hire a moving van, just do a few spins in my ute. Me? I’m happy because there’s always a slab or an afternoon barbie in it for me. I usually even get to request the type of beer! All for buying a car I wanted to buy anyway… Brilliant logic and I love it.

And how about camping trips? Holy cow, they’re made easy. No need to jostle for space in the boot, just chuck everything in the ute tray and I’m good to go. I’ve always got the sweetest campsite set up because I can bring the most stuff. Sure, it’s just me in my 6 man tent but I sure am comfy. A whole proper mattress so I don’t put my back out. Food in the big esky for a whole week’s worth. Tarps for some more shade structure. Pretty much my entire life. I could probably even bring my porch couch if I wanted to. In fact, that’s a good idea for my next trip…

As a tradie a ute is essential too. There’s no way that I could carry all my tools in a regular car – the ute tool box has my back. Plus I’d really mess up the boot and back seats. There’s no way that I could resell a car after I put grease all over everything!

And how about when I want to take my best mate out, my doggo? He doesn’t really like riding in the cab, he likes the wind in his hair out the back. He’s always super psyched after we’ve been out for a ride. He’s more pumped up for his ride in the back than he is for his run around the park! He’s a bit of a strange one, that one, but I sure do love him.

To me, a ute means freedom. And I’m sure that the ute owners of Australia would agree with me. It’s about the ability to pack up shop and get gone, get lost. I could pack up and take a trip across the Nullabor and relocate to WA if I really wanted to – not saying that that’s what I want to do right now, but I could if I wanted to. And that’s the beauty of it. If you don’t own a ute right now, then get one next. And if you already do, make sure that you’re making the most of it – get it kitted out and head off for an adventure!

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