Five Things to Consider Before Changing Your Strata Manager

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A lot goes into switching between strata managers, and rightfully so. The manager forms an integral part of the overall organisation. So while you are making comparisons between service agreements, here are five things to consider before changing your strata manager.

What Are Your Strata’s Needs?

Before you can begin your search, it is crucial to establish what is important for your strata scheme. To do so, gather all body corporate members and then list all your strata’s needs in order of priority. This list determines the ultimate candidate of choice. So, for example, if your building is older and requires constant repairs, you have to search for a manager who is well versed in the relevant legislation and has extensive experience managing and overseeing repairs and maintenance.

In addition, in the new age of digitised processes, your chosen strata manager must provide some form of electronic service providence to match. The candidate must also have prior experience managing a strata or building of equal or similar size.

Be Knowledgeable About Strata Legislation

A good strata manager has to have in-depth knowledge about current legislation to perform their duties effectively. Furthermore, they should also be able to keep up with any changes made to the laws as they occur.

However, it is impossible to measure the extent of a prospective manager’s legal awareness by interviewing them. So, to get around that, you may ask their supervisors about the frequency of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training. In addition, you may also request information about how the manager is kept abreast of legislative changes.

Have the Best Deal

Making monetary comparisons forms a significant part of the strata manager selection process. However, you have to be aware of the trap lying in wait to snare you. That is the cheaper option. Remember that a lower number on a quote list does not always mean that it will cost you less money if you select that specific company.

To get the value for your money, you have to compare what services are offered at specific price points critically. So scrutinise the fee set for standard services and compare it with what another company is offering. You may find that the cheaper option was just window dressing and additional fees for services make a significant difference.

Your Property Type

Different strata schemes have differing needs, often based on the property type in question. So as you make a selection, keep your property in mind, be it a company or community title or Building Management Committee (BMC), and match your candidate’s skills accordingly.

Owners’ Involvement

The choice of a new strata manager, or even whether to change one, is not based on a unilateral decision. It requires the involvement of all owners. The final choice has to receive 50% of the total to be approved.

The selection of a suitable strata manager is crucial for the success of a strata scheme. Therefore, you should undertake the process with all due care and diligence for satisfactory results.

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About the Author: Bayazid Bostami

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